PUBLISHED: May 21, 2021

It’s every girl’s dream to retell her proposal story while listening to her friends squeal and giggle at the most romantic details. That’s because the whole process makes her fall back into the proposal scene, over and over again! So if you’re mustering the courage to pop the question in the dreamiest way possible, here’s the perfect go-to proposal guide for you.

This year, the way to create a romantic proposal is by going back to basics and keeping it simple. Enter a sweet proposal scene under the beautiful sky: you’re sure to sweep your significant other right off her feet! This one’s for those who might not be too familiar with maximising on the romance – you’re sure to create a heart-melting proposal scene with this checklist.

Secure the ideal proposal location

When you’re getting down on one knee, trying to articulate the most loving speech you’ve been practising, it’s best to find somewhere quiet and without distractions. This would allow you to focus on each other and the big moment that is about to change your lives!

Perhaps find an intimate location in nature. Not only would it be quiet, but the lovely view would set the mood for you as well. But if you’re a couple that loves being nostalgic, consider proposing at a favourite outdoor spot you both frequent and love to visit. The perfect location would set the stage: you would easily secure that yes you’ve been dreaming of.

Preparing for the right time: the golden hour

You’ve met the one for you – what better way to say it’s time to get hitched than by popping the question right at the golden hour! So plan for a sunset date for your proposal to ease into the golden hour. Not only will the lighting turn up the romance, but it offers the perfect natural light for your proposal photos. Remember to make a site visit to find just the right spot that the golden hour will hit.

But, of course, with Singapore’s unpredictable rainy weather, perhaps also scout for a nearby pavilion or shelter nearby. So, although the weather might pose an obstacle to your picnic under the stars, don’t let it get in the way of your sweet proposal plans.

Take advantage of a pre-engagement or promise ring: LVC Pre-engagement ring

It’s common for couples to face this concern: the proposal ring doesn’t give that perfect fit you were hoping to get. So to preserve the proposal surprise and secure the right fit, consider going for a pre-engagement or promise ring before the proposal. This gives you an inside to her ring size and the designs that would flatter your significant other’s finger.

Checklist: items to bring along in your proposal basket

- Your heart-warming speech

When you’ve finally set the scene, you wouldn’t want to let your nerves get you from popping the question. But of course, it’s natural to feel a little jittery – so pen down your heartfelt speech or a couple of pointers to get you ready for the magical golden hour moment.

- A bouquet of her favourite flowers

There’s something special about flowers that easily convey emotions of love and affection – it’s a must-have in your basket. So mix and match a couple of her favourite flowers to create that unique bouquet for her to feel special and loved.

- Secure the jaw-dropping wedding ring

Of course, no proposal will be complete without the ring, which your partner will obsess over. Many say that getting the perfect ring is half the battle won! So check out these brilliant options that will radiate your sincere intentions with their brilliance.

Go for a unique and modern engagement ring: LVC Promise Diamond Engagement Ring 

Treat your significant other with this alluring unique engagement ring from Love & Co.’s signature LVC Promise collection. On the surface, the gorgeous 18K white gold band seamlessly integrates the bolt and nut in a perfect union. But it’s so much more than what meets the eye: the five grooves on the band symbolise elements for an eternal relationship – love, commitment, devotion, bond and happiness – truly befitting of a beautiful and modern engagement ring

Offer an engagement ring with personality: LVC LoveMarque Classic Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

A classic diamond ring never goes wrong. So this charming diamond solitaire, set in a perfectly polished 18K white gold band, easily takes any girl’s breath away. But this engagement ring is more than a simple design. The special contours of the band offer her that subtle yet undeniably chic look to her everyday outfits.

Charm her with the most stunning engagement ring: LVC Precieux Destiny Lab Diamond Engagement Ring in Heart Shaped Prongs

Looking for an unrivalled sparkle at a budget-friendly price? These dazzling lab-grown diamonds provide your significant other with an alluring perfection. Set in 18K white gold, the centre stone is positioned to float over the smaller diamonds encrusted below. It’s time to wow her with gorgeous lab-grown diamonds at a fraction of the mined diamond’s price!

- Her lovely outdoor picnic attire

Without a doubt, she’ll need her picture-perfect outfit for this once-in-a-lifetime moment, so convince her to put on a comfortable yet cute outfit for the proposal day. Perhaps suggest a casual outdoor photoshoot which you both haven’t done in some time.

- A portable speaker for moving music

A quiet outdoor proposal environment is lovely, but you might need some romantic music to elevate your proposal scene or even to get you ready to pop the question! Similarly, for the nostalgic couples, have a couple of songs you both love, ready to be played.

- Celebratory food

You can even be romantic in the picnic food your prepare. Pack along her favourite food, desserts, refreshing drinks (to counter the humid weather), and even some wine. These food items keep it simple but also make up the perfect wedding proposal.


Let your love be heard loud and clear with this checklist for the ideal picnic proposal! Your significant other is sure to retell the romantic scene over and over again.

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