PUBLISHED: June 10, 2022

An inexplicable magic lies with making a promise with a kindred soul – even as kids, we knew how vital keeping promises were. But beyond childhood, perhaps the biggest promise one can ever make is to dedicate their life to another. Picture this: You no longer have to face the world alone, for you are now somebody’s number one priority. Amidst life’s ups and downs, you have someone with whom you can eat, love, laugh, and go through life together hand in hand. If you have found that special someone to do life with, perhaps it is time to make them feel special and appreciated!

Whether it be a minor little thing like grocery shopping or milestones such as proposals and wedding day, going through all these things together as you declare your promise of a lifetime together is nothing short of sweet. However, you might be thinking of ways to celebrate and remember these monumental moments, but fret not! In this article, we share three romantic gestures that you can consider to celebrate your promise of forever together.

1. Make it personal 

Make it personal

As one would know: every couple is different. So, when it comes to significant events in your life, such as marriage, why settle for a cookie-cutter wedding vow or proposal speech? Do not be afraid to ace your speech and make it unlike any other – add in details unique to your relationship, show off how well you know your other half, and show your commitment to them in the big and small things.

Nowadays, it is not unheard of for couples to include lines like “I promise to help you get rid of any cockroaches in our home” or “I promise to play your favourite video games with you” in their speeches. On the receiving end, it definitely shows that your partner notices the little things and that they are ready to do your part to make this lifelong partnership work – and yes, that is romantic too!

2. Prepare gifts that last a lifetime 

Few things last a lifetime, but high-quality jewellery comes pretty close! As you celebrate this new promise, having a tangible reminder of this day would be the cherry on top. What’s more, you will be able to wear these diamond jewellery pieces daily, remembering your devotion to each other no matter where you are.

It goes without saying that the LVC Promise collection is the perfect choice for celebrating your promises. Inspired by the firm bond between a bolt and nut, this gifting and wedding jewellery collection in Singapore encapsulates the picture-perfect devotion of a loving couple.

- LVC Promise Signature Diamond Pendant

LVC Promise Signature Diamond Pendant

For all the pendant lovers, revel in this charming signature diamond pendant from the LVC Promise collection. A hint of classy coupled with true elegance, the LVC Promise Signature Diamond Pendant comes in rose-gold and white-gold – ideal as a gift for any occasion to celebrate.

- LVC Promise Eternity Diamond Bangle 

LVC Promise Eternity Diamond Bangle

While necklaces make stunning statement pieces, who’s to say bangles do not do the same? The LVC Promise Eternity Diamond Bangle features 153 dazzling diamonds specially crafted to wow the individual lucky enough to receive it. Should you ever need a gift that serves as a reminder of your promise to your significant other, let this 18K white gold bangle speak for you.

- LVC Promise Diamond Bracelet

LVC Promise Diamond Bracelet

Now, whoever said that promises should only be made during proposals or on the wedding day? Every wedding or dating anniversary can also be a time to renew and remember these promises once made. For the women who cannot resist a stunning everyday accessory, the LVC Promise Diamond Bracelet is a classic diamond bracelet that comes with 46 diamonds and two appealing colour choices: rose-gold and white-and-rose-gold. With the five grooves representing key pillars of a solid relationship, the bracelet makes for an excellent gift or serves as a reminder of your promise to your beloved.

- LVC Promise Diamond Earrings

LVC Promise Diamond Earrings

If pendants and diamond bracelets are simply not your (or their) cup of tea, perhaps the LVC Promise Diamond Earrings will do just the trick. These diamond earrings boast 84 diamonds in 18K white gold. Elegant and classic, the LVC Promise diamond earrings are simply the most versatile present appropriate for any and every occasion.

3. Immortalise the moment 

As much as we would like to believe that you will remember these special moments vividly until you reach a ripe old age, the truth is, we could all use a little help. At Love & Co., we are firm believers that pictures speak a thousand words, and looking back at beautifully captured moments can reignite memories that you would otherwise forget easily.

Do yourself and your spouse-to-be a favour, and engage a reliable media team to help you immortalise the day into photos and videos! An added bonus to doing this – you will be able to observe all the reactions and expressions that you missed out on in the excitement of the moment.



A beautiful promise, ‘till death do us part’ means sticking together through the smallest little things to the big milestones in life. Let your gift and speech match up to the weight of this promise! Considering your preparations carefully can ensure the moment will be special and memorable for the both of you.

Looking for that perfect anniversary gift or perhaps a ladies’ ring in Singapore to commemorate the occasion? Celebrate your lifetime promise with Love and Co.’s Promise gifting collection today, or book an in-store consultation to discover other jewellery styles at Love and Co.!