PUBLISHED: September 02, 2021

You've bent down on one knee, popped the big question, and your other half has said a resounding "yes". But before you get caught up in the excitement of spending eternity with your significant other, there is another step you must take before embarking on your wedding planning journey. It's none other than surprising your bride-to-be with a wedding band that will undoubtedly sweep her off her feet!

A quick search for wedding rings will present you with extensive information on engagement rings. While engagement rings typically get all the attention in the talk of bridal rings, let’s not forget that your one, true wedding ring embodies your marriage and you’ll hardly take it off! As a steadfast symbol of the everlasting love and dedication you share as a couple, the choice of your fiancée's wedding band should be one that wonderfully encapsulates her style and personality – making for a meaningful jewellery staple that she'll treasure for a lifetime.

Depending on the cut and design you have your eye on, the wedding band that you select for your soon-to-be wife can either highlight the beauty of her current engagement ring or act as a stand-alone statement piece.

There are various factors pertaining to purchasing the right wedding band; at Love & Co., we've compiled a practical guide on the different considerations you should bear in mind while searching for a ring that is perfect for your forever person.

What to look out for in a wedding band

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1. Durability

 As no wedding band is impervious to wear and tear, especially so if you're wearing it daily, it’s crucial to take into account the precious metal. In other words, its material in which the ring is crafted in can play a dominant role in ensuring your jewellery still looks its finest even after your wedding day has long passed. As the sturdy base that holds the diamond and its embellishments together, the metal of your band should be durable and built to last.

In which case, you may want to consider selecting a band made from either gold or platinum. We recommend the latter, for it's a metal that retains its shine even after suffering scratches and bumps – no wonder it's a top choice amongst couples for both wedding and proposal rings! Additionally, platinum is rarer than gold, making it an exceptional gift that captures the heartfelt sentiments you feel towards your bride.

2. Symbolism

 With a broad array of wedding bands in the market, it's easy to get lost in the most alluring designs. Instead of getting swept up in a whirlwind of what's new and trendy, take a moment to delve deeper into the meaning and symbolism of each bridal ring style you have in mind. By doing so, you'll get to spin your twist to the traditional wedding band while incorporating some extra love and significance to it! Your bride will appreciate a beautiful ring that carries its symbolic weight.

For example, selecting a classic wedding band signifies the pure affection and adoration you harbour for your fiancée – that your love for her is unconditional. On the other hand, a spectacular pave band represents the unadulterated beauty that your bride possesses, as well as her many radiant qualities that you embrace.

Dual-tone and eternity wedding bands have their own set of symbolism – with the tones on the former representing two souls coming together as one, and the endless diamonds on eternity bands illuminating your eternal love. If you’re looking to incorporate that added meaning to your bands, drop by our Love & Co. stores and let our friendly constants offer you some inspiration while guiding you through our wide array of wedding bands.

3. Price

Gorgeous and elaborate wedding bands purchased from reputable jewellery shops are a hefty investment, and rightfully so. But during your quest to find the perfect wedding band, do set aside a budget to ensure you don't overspend before the actual wedding itself!

As much as spoiling your bride with a luxurious ring is sure to leave her fawning over for many years to come, you should gravitate towards an option within your price range. Also, consider the carat weight of the diamonds and metal used for the band – the greater the carat weight, the more costly it will be. Ultimately, whichever ring you choose, it'll still be an accessory that your beloved will cherish.

Bespoke Wedding Bands, Bespoke Wedding Bands Singapore

4. Personal style

As a token of your eternal commitment to your forever person, you’d want to search for a ring that is befitting of her tastes – allowing the jewellery to be one that she'll don for life. Hence, aside from all the rich precious metals and gleaming stones that define a bridal band, the most vital component to picking a suitable wedding ring is considering your partner's tastes. As such a significant piece of jewellery, it's crucial that the ring speaks volumes about her personal preferences and complements her everyday outfits! No two rings are the same, and each design embodies a different type of bride.

Suppose your significant other prides herself on taking optimistic approaches in life. In that case, she may appreciate a wedding band that looks beyond neutral metallic tones and is adorned with diamonds boasting a pop of colour. If she's a romantic at heart, she will fall head over heels in love with a sleek gold band that exudes timelessness and sentiment.

5. Comfort

Beyond the captivating design of a wedding band, the fit of the diamond ring is an essential aspect to consider as well. The ring that you choose should be a perfect size for your other half – snug and not too tight nor too loose. And in the realm of wedding bands, each ring’s fit differs between a standard and comfort fit.

Standard fit rings fit true to size and gear towards traditional designs, courtesy of precious metals like platinum and white gold. In contrast, comfort fit rings are renowned for their slightly looser fit, thanks to an added piece of gold that creates their domed interior and offering ample allowance between one's ring and finger. If you're unsure of your partner's ring size, it's best to get it measured at a trusted jeweller before making a purchase.

Popular wedding bands styles for her

Across the wide array of wedding ring styles, there is just so much to choose from! Whether you’re looking for an all-time classic that has stood the test of time or more contemporary styles to switch things up, there is a band for every blushing bride. Here’s a look at our top favourites to get you started on what to shop for.

1. Eternity bands

LVC Eterno Lune Diamond Wedding Band

Bespoke Wedding Bands, Bespoke Wedding Bands Singapore

Designed for life's major milestones, eternity bands are undoubtedly a classic piece of jewellery that has withstood the test of time – the quintessential symbol of undying love. Boasting eye-catching sparkles from every curve and angle, this LVC Eterno Lune Diamond Wedding Band is for women who enjoy the finer things in life and, of course, that extra bling! An eternity ring's versatility is also one of its prominent features: stack it with other stunning rings to accentuate the band's brilliant beauty.

2. Channel settings

LVC Eterno Juliet Diamond Wedding Band

Bespoke Wedding Bands, Bespoke Wedding Bands Singapore

This gorgeous design will steal your fiancée's heart the moment she lay eyes on it. Beloved for its charming combination of outstanding shine and modern contemporary profile, channel set rings are ideal for women who love a simple yet elegant accessory. To best convey your pure devotion and enduring love, the 34 brilliant diamonds on our LVC Eterno Juliet Diamond Wedding Band makes it a ring that will remind your partner of all that you love about her.

LVC Eterno Wedding Band in Rose Gold with Stunning White and Black Diamonds

Bespoke Wedding Bands, Bespoke Wedding Bands Singapore

Set in 18K rose gold, this glistening wedding band is the perfect embodiment of romance with its subtle feminine shades of pink. Its stunning rosy hues will bring out the glow and warmth in any woman, magnificently enhancing all skin tones. With its embellishment of flawless black and white pave diamonds, this ring is a bold statement piece, truly encompassing the riveting facets of love you feel towards her.

3. Pave wedding bands

LVC Petit Precieux Aeon Diamond Wedding Band

Bespoke Wedding Bands, Bespoke Wedding Bands Singapore

In a class of its own, the LVC Petite Precieux collection is the epitome of ultimate romance, and we can see why! This lovely wedding ring features a dainty band studded with a sophisticated pave setting of seven sparkling white diamonds – illuminating your eternal love and unwavering commitment. Intricately crafted from 18K white gold, gifting your bride-to-be a wedding ring of this precious metal is sure to offer her an impressive stylish look.

LVC Petit Precieux Timeless Diamond Wedding Band In Rose Gold

Bespoke Wedding Bands, Bespoke Wedding Bands Singapore

For an eye-grabbing band that is just as swoon-worthy as your beloved's engagement ring, this LVC Petit Precieux Timeless Diamond Wedding Band in Rose Gold is one that she'll desire. Lined with glistening diamonds in a pave setting, this ring features a sleek design that will speak to a woman full of vivacity, all while presenting unparalleled radiance. Plus, the rose gold hues in the band help to enhance one's beauty.

4. V-shaped wedding bands

LVC Perfection Hope Wedding Band in White and Rose Gold with Diamonds

Bespoke Wedding Bands, Bespoke Wedding Bands Singapore

V-shaped wedding bands have been taking the world of bridal jewellery by storm lately, with its sophisticated tiara-inspired shape crafted with delicate diamonds, as well as its exquisite proportion made to stack with an engagement ring perfectly. If you're not too keen on classic wedding bands and prefer a more distinctive design, perhaps the lavish rings from the LVC Perfection collection will catch your eye. Interwoven with both white and rose gold, this wedding band is bound to compliment any woman's skin tone.

LVC Petit Preciex Desire Diamond Wedding Band

Bespoke Wedding Bands, Bespoke Wedding Bands Singapore

Simplicity is key, and this saying rings true for the LVC Petit Precieux Desire Diamond Wedding Band. Priding on an intricate V-lined curve, this wedding ring highlights a contemporary arrangement delicately constructed with phenomenal diamonds and set in premium 18K white gold. While minimalistic, this ring still packs a visual punch and pairs nicely with other engagement jewellery.

5. Twisted wedding bands

LVC Purete Intertwined Diamond Wedding Band

Bespoke Wedding Bands, Bespoke Wedding Bands Singapore

For couples looking for a wedding band that sets itself apart from the rest, the glamorous range in the LVC Purete collection is worth looking into, specifically the LVC Purete Intertwined Diamond Wedding Band. With interwoven bands featuring a pave of diamonds, this ring captures the sacred bond of marriage – the crisscross details signifying a lifelong commitment, while the sparkles representing the bright future the both of you have ahead.

LVC Eterno Claire Diamond Wedding Band In Rose Gold

Bespoke Wedding Bands, Bespoke Wedding Bands Singapore

Switch up the traditional gold band for a design exuding romance and femininity: introducing the LVC Eterno Claire Diamond Wedding Band in Rose Gold! We love how this ring is incredibly classy, courtesy of the dainty diamonds woven around the band. The love of your life will get the best of both worlds with this dreamy wedding ring, of both the sturdiness that comes with this metal and the dazzling white shimmer of the gemstones.


Every woman deserves to own a meaningful wedding ring inspired by love and created for love. At Love & Co., we believe in the celebration of romance, and our carefully curated range of quality wedding bands are designed to commemorate your happily ever after.

You can also let your imagination take flight with our ring customisation services and attain that wedding ring she'll adore! If you have a budget in mind, fret not – book an in-store consultation and share with our professional consultants the price range you're looking at. Regardless of our ready-made or bespoke wedding bands, we'll aid you in finding the perfect ring befitting of your greatest love story.