PUBLISHED: May 12, 2023

As we commemorate Mother’s Day with Love & Co. jewellery pieces up to 40% off from 22 April to 14 May to celebrate the incredible mums in our lives, let’s not forget to honour the exceptional super mums who stand beside us as sisters and wives! This is the perfect occasion to shower them with tokens of affection that shimmer and sparkle, reflecting the love and admiration we hold in our hearts. Whether it’s a dazzling gemstone pendant that captures her vibrant spirit or a timeless diamond bracelet in Singapore symbolising the eternal bond you share, jewellery has the power to speak volumes when words simply aren’t enough.

This Mother’s Day, go beyond the ordinary and let the radiance of precious diamonds and the artistry of fine craftsmanship convey your heartfelt emotions. Embrace the joy of giving, and watch as her smile illuminates the room, knowing she is cherished and adored. Toast to the incredible sisters and wives in your life with jewellery that whispers, “I love you” in the most enchanting way possible.

Previously, we shared some dazzling jewellery pieces for mums this Mother’s Day. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and explore delightful gift ideas for the incredible mums who are not just our mothers but also our beloved sisters and wives!

The supermum

Is your wife one who manages it all with grace and strength – juggling career, family, and everything in between? In a world where superheroes exist, she is among those remarkable women who embody the essence of supermums. For these extraordinary souls, a jewellery gift that symbolises her unwavering dedication and resilience would be a cherished reminder of her remarkable abilities.

The supermum

Enter the LVC Charmes Entwine Mini Ring Diamond Pendant: the perfect piece that switches the classic tradition of wearing wedding rings on fingers. This exquisite pendant captures the essence of their delicate balance, where each mini ball forming the ring's mini band can easily represent a facet of their multifaceted lives. Crafted with meticulous artistry, the LVC Charmes Entwine Mini Ring Diamond Pendant becomes a symbol of promise, eternity, and acceptance of love. Its unique braided band, adorned with rose gold accents, adds a touch of sophistication and complements the dazzling diamond centrepiece flawlessly. Versatile in its two-tone design, this pendant effortlessly harmonises with both silver and rose gold accessories, accentuating the youthful and trendy essence of the wearer when paired with stacking rings or other necklaces.

The nurturing mum

Do you see your sister as a mum whose love knows no bounds when it comes to her children, always there to comfort and support them with a tender touch? Or was she one to step up and take care of you when you were younger, when your parents worked late nights to support the family? In a world filled with warmth and compassion, they are the nurturing souls who are not just our sisters but the embodiment of love without boundaries.

Imagine gifting her a charm bracelet adorned with a delicate heart pendant sparkling with radiant gemstones. Each gemstone represents a moment of comfort and support she has provided, capturing the essence of her nurturing nature. Alternatively, each diamond could also symbolise a different aspect of her nurturing qualities, with the tiny heart representing unconditional love.

The nurturing mum

The LVC Charmes Tender Heart Diamond Bracelet tells a story of her caring spirit. Designed with a petite heart outlined with diamonds, this bracelet not only honours her nurturing qualities but also offers her a tangible reminder of the love and comfort she brings to those around her. Let her wear this sparkling heart bracelet as a testament to her boundless love, a reflection of her nurturing soul.

The stylish mum

When it comes to style and grace, there are mums who effortlessly combine the realms of fashion and motherhood, radiating elegance in every situation. These exceptional women, who are our sisters and wives, possess a unique ability to curate their ensembles with finesse, never compromising their fashion-forward sensibilities. For these fashion-savvy mums, you can gift jewellery that complements their impeccable style and becomes the perfect accessory to enhance their fabulousness.

The stylish mum

The LVC Noeud Ribboned Love Diamond Necklace emerges as the perfect gift for effortlessly fashionable mums who are our cherished sisters and wives. They effortlessly navigate the delicate balance of fashion and motherhood, exuding confidence and looking fabulous in every situation. Adorned with a dainty bow layered with a heart, its delicate design captures the essence of their graceful spirit, adding an air of elegance to their ensembles. This one-of-a-kind necklace effortlessly complements any outfit, becoming a versatile piece suitable for everyday wear, enhancing their innate sense of style.


With Mother's Day approaching, let the language of love shimmer and sparkle with breathtaking jewellery that transcends words. Celebrate the extraordinary women who fill our lives with warmth and affection, and make this day truly unforgettable! With exclusive pieces from Love & Co., you can express your deepest emotions and make her feel cherished beyond measure.

As far as Singapore jewellery brands are concerned, trust that Love & Co. is the premier shopping destination for all things jewellery! Book an in-store consultation with us today for stunning Mother’s Day jewellery recommendations or proposal rings representing your unique love story.