PUBLISHED: July 16, 2020

In a world where few things stay constant, a lifelong promise is remarkably a precious assurance. From the moment of popping the question ‘Will you marry me?’ to the words uttered at the altar, ‘I do’, there are fewer things more beautiful than this commitment of love.

Love & Co.’s LVC Promise collection aims to precisely capture this resolute bond between two individuals who come together in union. Featuring diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, as well as other eye-catching accessories, the LVC Promise collection offers a stunning yet unique take on the celebration of unity and devotion.


The bolt and nut were chosen to symbolise the strength and steadfastness of a couple’s love. Connected together as a perfect fit, the bolt and nut represent a marriage that is solid and unwavering in the face of all circumstances. Truly, it is a shining depiction of what it means to ‘have and to hold from this day forward, till death do us part’.

Examining an LVC Promise jewellery item for yourself, you will notice that every bolt bears exactly 5 grooves – and that is no coincidence. In this small detail, it bears the promises of eternal love, devotion, bond, commitment, and happiness, each represented by one groove.



The beginning of marriage’s lifelong promise starts as early as the proposal. What better way is there to pop the question than with an engagement ring that perfectly captures the spirit of love’s strength and unity? Encompassing the hopes and wishes for your relationship, LVC Promise’s engagement ring is a splendid choice for commemorating this life-changing moment.

A channel-set diamond amongst the diamond-embellished rims highlights your bride-to-be as the star of your life, affirming her that she’s The Only One for you. Unorthodox yet filled with sophistication, this engagement ring will surely turn heads and add to her stunning radiance.



For couples preparing to walk down the aisle, LVC Promise presents wonderfully designed wedding rings as well. Interlocking ‘L’ shaped elements on the wedding bands express the warm embrace of lovers and eternal love. Together with the bolt and nut design, the LVC Promise Wedding Band is a resolute promise of unity between two lovebirds.

One version of the wedding bands is channel set with diamonds, perfect for ladies with its contemporary elegance. Offering flexibility to match your skin tone, outfit, and style preferences, the wedding bands come in white gold and rose gold variants.



Every LVC Promise ring is made with utmost care, superior craftsmanship, and quality materials. Every piece is intricately produced using CNC technology, and then polished with a complicated 21-step process.

The convex is smoothened out optimally to maximise fit and comfort for the wearer. You won’t have to be concerned about the diamond quality as well – on the LVC Promise Engagement Ring, you will enjoy the resplendent glory of Love & Co.’s signature Lovemarque diamond. Indeed, every of these diamonds is subjected to Love & Co.’s stringent 50 promises of quality, ensuring you get an excellent diamond on all fronts.



Proposals and weddings are not the only occasions to celebrate a couple’s everlasting love. Anniversaries and special days like birthdays are also often cherished moments that couples use to remind and affirm each other of their unity and devotion. Thankfully, Love & Co. also caters to couples who wish to present a thoughtful gift to their significant other.

The LVC Promise collection includes a stylish ensemble of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and earrings, on top of their engagement rings and wedding bands. The necklace makes for an ideal anniversary gift, meant to be worn close to the heart as a reminder of a promise made from the heart. Carrying over the bolt and nut motif, this gifting collection is deeply meaningful and versatile in style.

Now, you can celebrate your gift of promise with the LVC Promise collection. Whether it is a proposal, wedding, or anniversary, the collection presents you with iconic design that serves as a precious reminder of your commitment of love. We welcome you to Love & Co.’s jewellery shops island-wide to view the collection for yourself.