PUBLISHED: January 25, 2024

When it comes to weddings, many Singaporean brides today are looking to embrace contemporary elegance while respecting age-old customs.

One such tradition that encapsulates this fusion is Si Dian Zuan (四点钻), a contemporary interpretation of the classic Si Dian Jin (四点金). While Si Dian Jin typically comprises up to four pieces of yellow gold jewellery representing blessings for the bride – a necklace, a bangle, a pair of earrings, and a ring – Si Dian Zuan adds a modern twist by incorporating diamonds! 

Featuring diamonds of the highest clarity and quality set in white or even rose gold, Si Dian Zuan offers brides the flexibility to mix and match with dainty and intricate designs that complement their individual styles. 

Honing Timeless Traditions with a Contemporary Edge

Weddings can feel fraught for the modern bride trying to strike a balance between old traditions (and all of the cultural or familial baggage that comes with it) and staying true to your authentic personality and sense of style. Love & Co. understands this conundrum, which is why our diamond jewellery collections reflect an ethos of traditional silhouettes and motifs blended with a distinctly modern elegance. 

Be it in the LVC Eterno, LVC Charmes, LVC Destiny, or LVC Joie collections; we create jewellery pieces that hold and convey a deep, heartfelt sentimentality even after your wedding day has come and gone. 

The LVC Charmes Fluttering Circlet Diamond Pendant’s centre diamond, for example, represents the oneness of your love, while the LVC Charmes Eternal Star Diamond Earrings and LVC Charmes Eternal Star Diamond Bracelet – as their names suggest – show how you’re the centre of your significant other’s universe. For brides who want to embrace the beauty of Si Dian Zuan without being too sentimental, there are also simple designs like the LVC Charmes X Diamond Hoop Earrings that can be easily worn for everyday outfits or special occasions in your new post-wedding life.

To help you in your Si Dian Zuan sourcing, here are two curated diamond jewellery sets versatile enough to fit with almost any bridal ensemble:

Selections from the LVC Eterno Collection

Let's delve into the LVC Eterno collection, known for its eternity diamond designs representing your faithful, everlasting commitment to your other half. The LVC Eterno Elegance Curved Diamond Necklace’s gently curving lines complement almost any wedding dress style, be it a dramatic plunge or a classic ballroom heart-shaped neckline. Pair with the LVC Eterno Lune Diamond Hoop Earrings for a touch of glamour – although these delicate petite hoops can be easily worn for multiple occasions, too

If you’re planning to dance the night away at your reception, the LVC Eterno Diamond Bangle will be your ideal companion through the night. An open-ended design channels mid-century chic, with two mirrored rows of diamonds adding a sparkle to your every move. Finally, the LVC Eterno Claire Diamond Wedding Band In Rose Gold (or White Gold) is the stunning centrepiece to anchor it all. Featuring two rows of round diamonds framing a tapered intersection point, you and your sweetheart’s two lives taper seamlessly into one bright future ahead. It is a perfect wedding band if you wish to have a full set that is similar in design. 

Selections from the LVC Destiny Collection

For brides who’d like a Si Dian Zuan set with a more intentional theme, pieces from the LVC Destiny collection might suit you better. Themed around an infinity symbol motif, each piece of jewellery symbolises eternal commitment in your relationship. Dainty yet meaningful, the LVC Destiny Infinity Diamond Necklace allows you to carry your everlasting love and commitment close to your heart. Pair it with the LVC Destiny Infinity Diamond Bracelet for a simple yet striking two-piece set, resplendent in dual shades of white and rose gold.

Take your bridal jewellery a step further with the LVC Destiny Infinity Diamond Earrings that beautifully capture the essence of eternal commitment. And, of course, finish it off with the LVC Desirio Destiny Wedding Band in White and Rose Gold with Brilliant Diamonds featuring intertwined curves of white and rose gold and a single curve of round diamonds. We also have a male wedding band that matches this wedding band design so you and your partner will be able to wear a similar wedding band design to celebrate your union. 

Commemorate your Wedding Day and Beyond with Love & Co.

Si Dian Zuan is the perfect choice for brides who want to embody a fusion of tradition and modernity in their bridal jewellery. Celebrate your heritage, family, and culture while still embracing contemporary elegance. With Love & Co.’s diverse range of Si Dian Zuan options, including diamond necklaces, diamond bangles, and diamond earrings, bride-to-be’s can express their own unique style and create timeless memories at the same time.

Choose Love & Co. for Si Dian Zuan that blends cultural significance with timeless elegance, remaining a cherished part of your story as you embark on this beautiful journey of marriage.