PUBLISHED: November 27, 2023

Singaporean weddings are a vibrant tapestry of cultures and customs, with immense variety across the many racial, ethnic, and religious groups within the country. Within the Singaporean Chinese community, one of the most cherished wedding traditions and customs is the Si Dian Jin (四点金).

Literally meaning ‘four touches of gold’, this time-honoured tradition involves the giving of precious gold jewellery to the bride from the groom’s family as a symbol of welcome, acceptance, and blessings. However, what makes these gold gifts truly fascinating is that they vary across the different dialect groups in Singapore, such as Teochew, Hokkien, and Cantonese.

Delve into the beautiful intricacies of Si Dian Jin and explore how you can balance traditional wedding customs and your personal style with Love & Co.

Teochew Si Dian Jin

The Teochew community in Singapore upholds a unique set of customs when it comes to Si Dian Jin and is actually the dialect group that originated this wedding practice. Traditionally, a complete Teochew Si Dian Jin consists of four distinct pieces:

  • The Bangle: This piece often features intricate motifs such as phoenixes, dragons, or fish, symbolising auspicious blessings for the bride’s new life with her groom-to-be.
  • The Necklace: Typically, this necklace is crafted from yellow gold and adorned with symbols such as gold ingots that convey meanings such as wealth and prosperity.
  • The Earrings: Earrings in a Teochew Si Dian Jin are usually adorned with auspicious symbols like peonies or peaches, representing happiness and longevity ahead for the wedded couple.
  • The Ring: Complete this marriage or bridal jewellery set with a stunning gold ring, and you’re ready to say your vows!

While these four traditional components are seen as indispensable to a Teochew Si Dian Jin, many modern brides today have embraced contemporary designs that incorporate these elements into wearable, everyday jewellery. 


Love & Co.'s 9IN collection is a perfect example, with options like the LVC 9IN Helena 999 Gold Bangle, LVC 9IN Oriental Lily 999 Gold Necklace, LVC 9IN Double Bliss 999 Gold Drop Earrings, 9IN Circle Floret 999 Gold Ring offering timeless elegance suitable for both bridal and everyday outfits.

Hokkien Si Dian Jin

Compared to the Teochew Si Dian Jin, a Hokkien Si Dian Jin is a little less elaborate (and maybe even more affordable!) as it typically only requires a pair of gold bracelets or bangles. However, this does not make this wedding jewellery set any less precious or memorable. Ideally, the bangles or bracelets should bear traditional symbols of auspiciousness or prosperity to convey the family’s well wishes to the bride and groom, such as dragons or phoenixes.

The LVC 9IN Ballentine 999 Gold Bangle, LVC 9IN Heart 999 Gold Bangle, and LVC 9IN Interlocking Rings 999 Gold Bracelet adopt a modern take on these well wishes, with motifs symbolising love, commitment, and interdependence. Brides and couples who want to commemorate their commitment while reimagining traditional wedding customs can certainly consider these 999 Gold pieces for their Si Dian Jin.

Cantonese Si Dian Jin

The Cantonese Si Dian Jin is similar to the Hokkien version, with a focus on a matching set of bangles or bracelets. Meld tradition with modernity with a pair of the LVC 9IN Halo 999 Gold Bracelet, LVC 9IN Strings of Love 999 Gold Bracelet, or LVC 9IN Petit Floral 999 Gold Bracelet. Each design bears delicate, feminine silhouettes dedicated to everlasting love, while remaining versatile enough to mix and match or stack during future occasions. Made from 5G Gold, these jewellery pieces are more than just a wedding tradition – they’re a powerful and heartfelt statement of devotion that will last a lifetime.

Commit to New Beginnings and Timeless Traditions with Love & Co.

No matter what dialect group you belong to, Si Dian Jin is a beautiful tradition that adds meaning, depth, and cultural significance to your wedding. For non-Chinese brides who are marrying into Singaporean Chinese families, there’s even an added layer of being welcomed and accepted into your new family – with the potential for your Si Dian Jin to one day become precious heirlooms for your own descendants.

That being said, we’re firm believers that jewellery as beautiful as your Si Dian Jin shouldn’t be left to gather dust in a cupboard once the wedding ceremony is over. That’s why we’ve crafted the 9IN 999 Pure Gold Collection that can be reworn in your everyday outfits. After all, these jewellery pieces are a symbol of your love – so why not rewear your Si Dian Jin as a way to give thanks for the lifetime of happiness coming your way!

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