PUBLISHED: February 06, 2020

You might have heard of lab-grown diamonds, the cultivated diamonds that are seeing its rise in modern jewellery retailers recently. If you are planning a proposal sometime soon, you will need to make a choice between lab-grown diamonds and natural mined diamonds for your engagement ring.

As the relatively new entrant to the market, lab-grown diamonds may not be a familiar option to jewellery buyers. Yet, its features make for quite an impressive résumé – lab-grown diamonds are 100% traceable products with the same brilliance and quality as mined diamonds, at a fraction of the price.

If you’re in the market for a new diamond jewellery item, how do you know if lab-grown diamonds are for you? Not to worry, because we’re here to help! We think lab-grown diamonds will be a great fit for you if these statements resonate with you.


You will settle for nothing less than the top-tier of diamonds, offering ultimate brilliance, clarity, and sparkle. You are particular about the 4Cs of diamonds, and believe in getting the best and brightest diamond you can afford. If this sounds like you, lab-grown diamonds won’t disappoint.

Although costing less, lab-grown diamonds are not a compromise in terms of quality. In fact, the technology offers high precision for creating pure and brilliant diamonds that can match up to the stringent quality standards of other natural mined diamonds. When you get a lab-grown diamond, you will own a 100% authentic diamond, physically and chemically identical to natural mined diamonds.

You can have this confidence knowing that lab-grown diamonds are certified by the same bodies that certify natural mined diamonds. At Love & Co., our LVC Precieux range of lab-grown diamonds are IGI certified. So, with lab-grown diamonds having the same dazzling qualities as natural mined diamonds, you can be enchanted with a sparkling gem that’s no different from a natural mined one.



If you’re the epitome of an eco-warrior or just trying to take little steps to reduce your environmental footprint, the story behind lab-grown diamonds may just have you sold.

One primary motivation for the commercialisation of lab-grown diamonds is to offer a sustainable alternative to mined diamonds. The hard truth is, natural diamonds are a finite resource, and often are mined in unsatisfactory conditions, with detrimental effects to the earth.

While Love & Co. has made a commitment that all its natural diamonds are sourced from ethical and sustainable sources, we are glad to be able to take a step towards even more sustainable alternatives like the lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are a 100% traceable source of diamonds, so consumers like you can rest in the confidence that your diamond jewellery is not coming at a huge cost to the environment.



It doesn’t have to be so hard to fulfil one’s dream of having a beautiful wedding and a pretty diamond ring. If that’s your belief, lab-grown diamonds might just change things for the better!

Lab-grown diamonds are on average 50% more affordable than natural mined diamonds of the same size and quality, making them more accessible to those on a budget. You can also opt to go bigger on the diamond by spending as much as you would on a natural mined diamond on a lab-grown diamond instead.

Here at Love & Co., we believe the LVC Precieux collection will empower people to be able to have their very own diamond jewellery without putting a massive dent in their pockets. Now, you no longer have to compromise when it comes to your ideal proposal or wedding ring – with lab-grown diamonds, it’s go big or go home!

If you’ve ticked all the boxes on the statements above, chances are, you will love the new lab-grown diamonds! Be it for your upcoming proposal, or as a wedding ring, complete the occasion with a lab-grown diamond jewellery item you won’t regret choosing. Discover our new LVC Precieux range and be one of the first to own your very own lab-grown diamond from Love & Co.!