PUBLISHED: December 23, 2019

A proposal isn’t complete without a perfect engagement ring for your significant other. Seen as a seal of both parties’ love for each other, the classic engagement ring that never gets old is the solitaire diamond ring.

With a few thoughtful touches, a basic diamond ring can be elevated to a unique and beautiful proposal ring that is a match made in heaven for your significant other.

Don’t settle for just any ring – these 4 simple tips will get you inspired to design a stunning ring that will impress the love of your life on that special day.


Great care needs to be taken to select the centre stone, given that it is the main attraction of the ring.

For a classic engagement ring, a brilliant diamond as the centrepiece goes without saying. When selecting a diamond, several factors like the cut, clarity, carat count, and colour are key considerations – these are termed the 4C’s. At Love & Co., we go a step further to bring you the luxury of choice, confidence, and customisation to our diamonds and rings. With these as our priorities, you can be assured you will be receiving the most brilliant, sparkling gems we have.

Not to worry if you’ve never picked out a diamond before – that’s what the expert jewellers at Love & Co. are here for! Working hand in hand with you, the diamond specialists will seek to understand your preferences and use their expertise in diamond selection and ring design to help you achieve the dream diamond ring for your special recipient.

For an example of our top-quality diamonds, take a look at the Lovemarque diamond. The brilliant, perfect cut diamond is painstakingly sourced and certified, with only 0.1% of diamonds in the world receiving this title. Indeed, a diamond like this will make the bride-to-be feel extra special to have the honour of owning such a one-of-a-kind jewellery item.


Although the diamond is the centrepiece, the band of the ring can equally add a flair of sophistication to the ring. The creativity and subtlety of a thoughtful band design can go a long way to make the ring a unique and cherished one.

You can choose from white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum, and complete the look with your desired choice of finishing. Path diamonds are the perfect choice if the bride-to-be is a lover of bling, or you can go for something more understated like milgrain.

Some colour contrast will also add a lovely twist to the solitaire ring, such as the modern and stylish rose gold and white gold combo.


The difference between a run-of-the-mill ring and an intricate one is in the details. Great ring-makers know that design real estate on the ring is precious, so even the head of the ring and prong placement can add a touch of interest to the whole piece of jewellery.

If you’re wondering how the head of the ring can add to the ring style, you can take a look at some of Love & Co.’s ring selections. An infinity symbol is intertwined in the crown head of the majestic LVC Destiny, making for a romantic and creative representation of a couple’s forever promise to each other.

These little details will make a world of difference, and show your significant other the deep care that has been taken to select such an exquisite ring to commemorate the relationship.



No two couples are the same, so why should the rings be? With a touch of personalisation, you can make the engagement rings truly encapsulate your special relationship.

Love & Co. provides engraving services for those who wish to mark down their promise to their lover. Be it a thumbprint to seal your commitment, the date of your first meeting, or a special quote that binds you together, your choice of engraving will make the rings bear your unique love story.

If you want something more than a cookie-cutter ring, our LVC Diamond Concierge bespoke customisation service lets you create the ideal ring of your dreams.

It’s that simple – by paying attention to these design features of the ring, you can come up with a stunningly-styled diamond ring that will make the bride-to-be swoon. Rings aside, don’t forget to let your love shine through on proposal day, and win your lover’s heart with your show of deepest love and sincerity!