PUBLISHED: July 15, 2019

Wedding proposals are the ultimate gesture of love and commitment – and unfortunately, you only get one shot at pulling it off.

The debate of whether it is better to have a public or private wedding proposal is not new – while a public proposal may seem all exciting and picturesque, it turns out that 44 out of 50 women actually prefer a private proposal.

Lucky for you, all is not lost. Here is a breakdown of all the pros and cons, as well as our top recommendations to help you decide!


Public wedding proposals make for the grandest manifestations of love to mark an exciting milestone with friends and family.

One of the best parts of a public proposal is the ability to get your closest loved ones to take part in the scheme. This once-in-a-lifetime event is no doubt going to feel extra special – but is best suited for couples with a penchant for extravagance and theatrics. In fact, you might want to prepare a bunch of tissues and a stand-by photographer for this one.

On the other hand, public proposals are both time-consuming and expensive to plan and execute. Other than having to go through every miniscule detail of who does what and when – the logistics of a public proposal can be extremely tedious for anyone with a tight schedule. It is also much harder to control for external factors, so make sure you have a backup plan just in case.


Before you go about organizing that flash mob, remember that not everyone enjoys being in the limelight. Even if you enjoy the attention, your partner might not be so keen – make sure you take that into consideration.

If you are always doing whatever it takes to get away from the spotlight, or have a fear of anything related to public speaking – then opt for a private setting.

Private wedding proposals are no doubt authentic, intimate and entirely personal – with the added advantage of pure simplicity and zero distractions.

However, private wedding proposals can easily feel lackluster, so make sure you back it up with plenty of romantic and personalized touches.


Ultimately, it is best to make your decision based on the preferences and personality of your partner. Does she love being the center of attention, or is she the exact opposite? The best way to find out might just be to open it up to the table – your bride-to-be might actually appreciate this even more than you expected.

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With all this mind, it’s time to take the next step – now go put a ring on it!