PUBLISHED: August 27, 2020

Wedding bands and engagement rings are marks of a couple’s resolute love and commitment to each other. When you are choosing your rings, you are not just selecting an item that represents your love story, but also an accessory that you will be wearing for a long time to come.

Many couples find it meaningful to select wedding bands that match, as it symbolises the complementary fit of two individuals coming together. On top of that, those who like to wear their engagement ring and wedding ring together tend to put some thought into how they will match together stylistically.

Not sure how best to match your rings? Maybe this quick guide can give you an idea of where to start!


If the perfectly-matched, magazine look is your envy, matching rings are your best bet! Most jewellery shops and brands sort their rings into collections, so you can easily locate rings with similar design elements. All you have to do is pick two rings from the same collection – it’s almost fool-proof!

You can also match your own rings from different collections by following a few guidelines. For a coherent look, the most important thing is to maintain similar elements across the rings. So, make sure to match the ring band materials as well as gem colours. Where possible, opt for simpler designs that won’t clash. Or, if your proposal ring is highly intricate, you can go for a minimalistic wedding band.

Some people really love the seamless look of having the engagement ring sit flush with the wedding band. To achieve this, a contoured wedding band is a must! The LVC Perfection wedding bands feature a curved design just for this purpose, giving your diamond solitaire a perfect space to sit. If you like something that is classic to match your diamond solitaire, the LVC Eterno is a good match too.



What about those who prefer a less ‘curated’ look, or have a vintage ring that is difficult to match perfectly? In these cases, the mismatched look is the best look!

Don’t be misled to think that a mismatched look is a thoughtless and untidy one. In fact, the mismatched look is trendy, and gives you more room to show off your creativity and personality! It may seem that in a mismatched look, anything goes – but there are still some tips on how to create a pleasant and interesting-looking pairing.

Mismatched pairs are all about bringing out contrast. Yet, to tie the look together, there should be one or two elements that still match, so that the rings don’t look totally disparate. So, you might decide to contrast a thin engagement ring with a thick wedding band like LVC Promise Interlocking ring, but keep the metals of the same material. Or perhaps you want to contrast the band colours; then, you can maintain a unified look with the same coloured gemstones on both rings.



Anyone can find matching rings at a store, but what will really make your rings unique to you as a couple is the personal touch that’s distinct only to the both of you. A personalised aspect to the rings will instantly create a sense of unity to the set of chosen/selected rings.

These days, ring personalisation goes beyond engraving your special message, wedding date, or initials. Here at Love & Co., our ring customisation service even allows you to imprint your thumbprints or a photo snapshot on the inner rim of the ring.

Put a seal on your love with thoughtfully matched rings using these tips! Go as bold or subtle as you wish, for engagement and wedding rings that let your unique personalities shine through.

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