PUBLISHED: July 08, 2021
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When seeking out the perfect engagement ring for your sweet proposal, the cut of a diamond is one of the most important factors you have to consider. That’s because the cut of a diamond plays a significant role in determining the intensity of its sparkle; after all, which girl wouldn’t want a brilliant, stunning diamond to adore for the rest of her life?

Your significant other deserves an aesthetic design that meets or even exceeds her expectations, so many couples today are opting for custom-made engagement rings that allow them to craft a design that reflects their tastes and preferences. Additionally, when popping the big question, you would want the right ring that encapsulates the beauty of your relationship.

This reason explains why more brides are straying away from tradition as they look towards diamonds with fancy cuts and shapes to express their individuality! Conventionally-cut diamond engagement rings with round shapes are just as beautiful as time-endured classics. But, to best tell your partner the place she has in your heart, consider a diamond with a special cut and shape, carefully curated to be the perfect fit for your unique love story.

What makes a fancy cut diamond ‘fancy’?

Engagement Ring Price, Engagement Ring Price Singapore

The label ‘fancy cut’ applies to any diamond that comes in any shape other than the traditional round cut. While the round cut was the go-to diamond shape for customers and couples in the past, but as the market grew and diversified, more jewellers came up with creative and stunning diamond cuts. These newer shapes were eventually referred to as ‘fancy cut’ diamonds.

Just like how each decade has had its unique fashion trends, diamond cuts have taken turns to experience their own share of the spotlight. For example, emerald cut diamonds were the go-to shape in the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s as they reflected glamour and exuberance. On the other hand, pear-shaped diamonds were popularised after actress Elizabeth Taylor wore the Cartier pear diamond in a necklace at the Oscars in 1970.

Even though some diamonds shapes may have had their day in the past, there is no rule that states you should only buy it when it’s trendy! If the fancy cut is something your partner has been eyeing for all her life, purchasing her dream cut diamond is definitely the way to present your everlasting love for her! Unsure how to begin your search? Fortunately for you, we’ll look at some popular cuts to help you secure the engagement of a lifetime.

What are some fancy diamond shapes carried by celebrities?

Apart from a bold statement of your love, engagement rings are slowly becoming a fashion statement. Celebrities are sporting some of the fanciest diamonds we have ever seen and making them a part of their off-duty looks. Their outfits are completed with these dazzling gems in unorthodox shapes, leaving a stronger visual impact than the traditional round cut diamond.

Emerald cut

Engagement Ring Price, Engagement Ring Price Singapore

For example, you’ve probably seen Jennifer Lopez with her emerald cut diamond engagement ring on social media. As a bold choice, the emerald cut has rectangular facets that create a step-cut pavilion – resulting in a highly clear appearance. The elongated style of this shape highlights the shine and sophistication of the diamond. Its lean lines often emphasise the clarity of the diamond.

Oval cut

Engagement Ring Price, Engagement Ring Price Singapore

Meanwhile, the oval cut diamond ring worn by Hailey Baldwin and Blake Lively accentuates slender fingers with an elongated illusion while retaining the simplicity and elegance of a round cut diamond. Besides offering a retro take on the timeless round diamond, an oval diamond provides visual interest with its vintage look.

Pear cut

Engagement Ring Price, Engagement Ring Price Singapore

The pear cut diamond ring has also been seen on musicians Cardi B and Ariana Grande. The tapered end of a pear cut diamond is a fun and graceful twist on the classic round diamond. With uniquely unbalanced portions, this cut offers a chic look, whether she’s in a gorgeous evening gown or a lovely Sunday dress!

Princess cut

Engagement Ring Price, Engagement Ring Price Singapore

When talking about hot favourites, we can’t leave out princess cut diamonds, beautifully donned on by Jaime Pressly and Kate Bosworth. This diamond shape is the second most popular diamond shape after a round cut diamond. Its square shape is a more trendy and lively counterpart to the round diamond, and the pointed edges help maximise the brilliance of the diamond. But be sure to add prongs at the corners as these areas can be prone to wear and tear!

Round cut

Engagement Ring Price, Engagement Ring Price Singapore

Of course, the round cut diamond is still the safest, most classic option for a reason. This timeless shape has been seen on Scarlett Johansson and Fergie and delivers maximum brilliance with its clean and symmetrical style. Although carrying a higher cost per carat over the other shapes, experts have stated that the round cut offers wearers the most fire and brilliance.

Why should I get a fancy cut diamond?

Fancy cut diamonds are a statement amidst the sea of round cut diamonds. They are the perfect accessory to accentuate a bride’s unique personality and serve as a special reminder of your romance and commitment.

When paired with a classic silver band, the unique shape of the fancy cut diamond also serves as a vibrant accessory. While a classic silver ring matches any everyday outfit, let the fancy cut diamond personalise the finishing touches! No matter the occasion, a fancy cut diamond ring will always add that extra bling needed to elevate her beauty in a creative, stylish way.

Love & Co.’s high-quality fancy diamonds perfectly cut and handpicked for you

Engagement Ring Price, Engagement Ring Price Singapore

While you may already have an idea of the fancy cut diamond you want as you shop for jewellery online, why not take things a step further and visualise the ring of your dreams with a reputable jeweller? The fancy cut diamond ring can be customised according to your desires, so opt for a jeweller that offers bespoke services. Here at Love and Co, our jewellers will help you personalise your dream fancy cut diamond ring right down to the finest details.

An engagement ring is symbolic of one’s everlasting love and commitment to their partner, so it’s best to consult a jeweller to help bring this dream engagement ring to life. Also, a custom-made ring doesn’t have to break the bank; you can always share your ideal price point with our experienced Love & Co. consultants so they can keep this budget in mind without compromising on the fit or brilliance.


Engagement Ring Price, Engagement Ring Price Singapore

An engagement ring represents the unbreakable bond and lifetime promise between two individuals who have chosen to dedicate their love and devotion to each other. Kickstart the search for the perfect engagement ring with Love and Co.’s Lovemarque collection today! If you already have something in mind, you can book an appointment with us here to bring your dream engagement ring to life. Whether it’s a ready-made or bespoke design, we believe that there is a diamond that perfectly matches every couple. So let us help you complete your proposal with a gorgeous engagement ring representative of your most heartfelt intentions.