PUBLISHED: May 28, 2021

As a romantic partner, you’d probably think it’s essential to find the most jaw-dropping diamond ring to complete the dreamiest proposal. But many who are on the hunt for their ideal engagement ring don’t realise, choosing the perfect ring is more than matching it to her unique personality.

Practically speaking, you’ve got to make sure that your significant other’s diamond ring is suitable for her daily wear. So use these valuable tips to craft not just a gorgeous and unique diamond ring, but one that she can carry around effortlessly!

Let her stay true to her lifestyle – get her a ring that matches it

Before a guy proposes with the chosen diamond ring, one key question to ask is: what kind of lifestyle does my partner lead? So while you may know her ideal ring design, do also consider if all the other details, right down to the ring band, are crafted just for her as well.

There isn’t a need to compromise on that beautiful paved setting she’s been eyeing on, but by first, considering the width of her ring band!

A thin band for that sophisticated look

Thin engagement bands have been gaining popularity for that sleek look it offers her. These classic thin bands are most suitable if your partner loves to stack her engagement band with other stylish rings – let her revel in the chic look stacking offers!

To preserve this precious thin ring band, remind your partner that jewellery care for her delicate engagement ring is crucial. However, if your partner holds a very active or busy lifestyle, an ultra-thin band is probably not very suitable if she doesn’t intend to remove her rings even at home or when sleeping.

A thicker band to endure wear and tear

If your partner is always on the go, holding a job that either involves a lot of lifting or perhaps regular wearing of latex gloves in the medical sector, consider a thicker ring band that is sturdier and requires less maintenance. The last thing you want is for her perfect ring to get a scratch or two.

Consider a thicker ring band that is about 5mm, with a low set centre stone that is more tightly secured. Each time she puts on or takes off her gloves, she won’t need to worry about the possibility of the diamonds or the prongs being caught on her gloves, pulling them out of alignment. Not only is this thicker band more suited to her lifestyle, but it’ll also stand out on her hand with a sturdy feel!

Choose the perfect diamond solitaire for her needs

To prolong that sparkle on her finger, you’d need to ensure that her dazzling diamond is well-set and suited to your partner’s needs. Perhaps, you might be considering a cathedral setting that allows the beautiful diamond to sit high and be more apparent. But, if your partner’s active lifestyle is demanding, the long prongs of the cathedral setting could catch onto something and be bent. This means, unfortunately, the need for trips to the jewellery store to tighten the loose diamond or worse, the possibility of the diamond dropping out of the setting.

Instead, why not go for a bezel setting that will still allow the diamond to stand out while being secured! The bezel setting consists of a protective metal rim around the centre stone and its profile sits the diamond at a relatively lower height. As such, when she’s constantly moving, she won’t have to worry about her brilliant diamond chipping or catching onto surfaces. Of course, her diamond also won’t sparkle any less: the sparkle is created when light enters the top of the stone and wonderfully reflects off it.

Curate that exclusive diamond ring with our exquisite selection of ring setting designs and diamond shapes

With Love & Co. Made for you, By you – our bespoke service, you can customise your ring from scratch by selecting your diamond and finalise your ring design in the setting of your choice.  Choose from a wide range of ring settings such as the classic straight band, or a tapered or twisted band.

When you’re talking about diamond shapes and cuts, Love & Co. will not fall short of options for you!

Looking for a diamond shape that offers your partner the most exceptional sparkle? Let our experienced consultants know you’re looking for either a round or oval diamond cut. Or, to achieve a unique look, consider a sophisticated and vintage-looking emerald diamond or a pear-cut diamond for that slimming effect on her fingers. Finally, if these options won’t do the trick, check out the special and feminine princess cut that is sure to make her melt.

And of course, when you’re perfecting that exclusive engagement ring that your one true love deserves, we can’t leave out Love & Co.’s charming blue diamonds. With an unrivalled sparkle that is known to be scratch-resistant, you’ll be gifting your significant other that eternal blue sparkle.

Attain your perfectly made-to-order engagement ring here at Love & Co.

Have in mind an alluring diamond ring that will match and even define your partner’s story? At Love & Co., we believe that your engagement ring is not just one that is one-of-a-kind, but one that fits perfectly on her finger and, best of all, suits her daily lifestyle. Our experts can advise you on ring types and settings to suit her finger type, skin tone and lifestyle.

So let Love & Co. step in to turn that engagement ring into a reality! With the belief that the ring shopping process is unique to individual needs and style, we’ve curated a bespoke collection that provides you diamonds only made to order – according to the diamond shape, setting or grade you wish to have.


With so much freedom to design an engagement ring that is both breath-taking and long-lasting, your dream engagement ring curated here at Love & Co. is built to last.

Our highly experienced consultants are here to seek out your dream ring setting. We believe in detailed consultations: treating you with the choice of round, flat or heart-shaped prongs to hold your precious diamonds, or even embossing your diamond solitaire on the inside of your ring band, if you like!

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