PUBLISHED: March 06, 2020

Going diamond shopping? Whether you are in the market for wedding rings or jewellery to spice up your wardrobe, finding the perfect diamond for your tastes and budget is rarely a simple process. You might find that the diamonds that dazzle you most are too far out of your reach in terms of cost, but the diamonds within your spending capacity just don’t cut it.

But what if we told you there was a way around it?

Now you can have the best of both worlds – a beautiful, well-graded diamond at a price you can afford! Yes, we’re talking about lab-grown diamonds, the alternative source diamonds that are shaking up the jewellery market today.

Not many people may be aware of this option when it comes to diamond jewellery, so we’re here to let you get the first dibs on it. Lab-grown diamonds are strong contenders that give natural mined diamonds a run for their money, and here’s why.


Some call them synthetic diamonds – but we beg to differ. At its core, what defines a diamond is its chemical and structural make-up that gives it its extraordinary hardness and brilliance. All that is present in a lab-grown diamond, which is formed when carbon is subjected to the right heat and pressure conditions – much like how diamonds form in nature.

Compare this to diamond simulants like cubic zirconia and moissanite, which are not diamonds at all. Cubic zirconia is a synthesised material made of zirconium dioxide, while moissanite is a naturally-occurring mineral containing silicon and carbon elements.

In fact, to the naked eye, lab-grown diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from natural mined diamonds – even to professionals! To further bolster your confidence, lab-grown diamonds are graded by the same certifying bodies as for natural mined diamonds, using the same criteria like the 4Cs.



With a new home to pay for and a wedding to plan, couples today are increasingly becoming more conscious of their ring purchase. To be able to shave off 50-60% off the cost of a diamond by opting for a lab-grown alternative is something most couples will appreciate.

The best thing is, the lower cost does not translate to a compromise in quality. You still get to own a real, dazzling diamond at half the price! If you wish, you may also opt to enjoy a bigger diamond or more pricey ring to get the biggest bang for your buck. There are also plenty of wedding jewellery collections in Singapore that use lab-grown diamonds that you can check out to complete your get-up for the big day.



It’s no longer a secret – the diamond mining industry is known to inflict massive environmental impact, including having a huge carbon footprint and causing displacement of vast amounts of mineral soil.

Here at Love & Co., while our natural mined diamonds are sourced from sustainable suppliers, we hope to go one step further. Lab-grown diamonds are seen as today’s best solution to reduce the demand for non-ethical sources of mined diamonds. Causing less of the devastating effects to the Earth, lab-grown diamonds are made without displacing a single blade of grass.

That is why we are glad to be one of the first jewellers in Singapore to make lab-grown options available to consumers like you. If environmental preservation is a concern for you, a lab-grown diamond should definitely be your preferred choice of gem.



If you’re the type that has to be the first to hop onto any new trend, lab-grown diamonds should be on your radar. Despite its relative newness to the market, lab-grown diamonds are already gaining a lot of interest. In a survey report by MVI Marketing, 70% of millennials said they would consider buying a lab-grown diamond.

The awareness for the sustainable jewellery option is fuelled by influencer figures like Meghan Markle and Emma Watson who have been seen wearing lab-grown diamond jewellery. Coupled with a shift in consumer demand to a heavier emphasis on value and ethics, the market is expected to see lab-grown diamonds growing further in popularity to become the go-to choice for engagement rings in Singapore.

With so many wonderful features, lab-grown diamonds give you little reason to say no. If this makes you feel like lab-grown diamonds are the dream come true you’ve always been waiting for – now’s your chance. Explore Love & Co.’s very own lab-grown diamond range, the LVC Precieux, and experience the shining qualities of lab-grown diamonds for yourself!