PUBLISHED: June 10, 2021

Dating as far back as the old Egyptian and early Roman times, this age-old tradition of the ring finger is still present today! Typically, it’s customary for one who is engaged or wedded to wear their rings on the fourth finger, also known as the ring finger.

Even though this has been a time-honoured tradition, it does differ from culture to culture. For instance, most Western countries go for the left ring finger, while other countries like India, Germany and Russia go for the right ring finger. Yet, ultimately, it’s the fourth finger that many respect and put the ring on. But why is this a tradition and, is it still relevant today? Let’s take a closer look.

The story behind the wedding ring finger

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Legend says that people believed the fourth finger on the left hand has a vein that links directly to your heart. So when a couple slides a ring on the fourth finger, they are said to be connected and even unified by their rings! And romanticised as the vein of love, also known as the Vena Amoris, the Egyptians and early Romans held the ring finger close to their hearts.

But, in modern times, with advanced studies on the human body, this belief has been proven to be a myth! In fact, all fingers have veins that connect directly to your heart. Yet, although debunked, many still stick to this tradition to show their eternal commitment to their significant other. That’s because when you put on an engagement or a wedding ring on your ring finger, you’re telling everyone that your heart has been set on that one person; you’re in it for the long haul.

Stacking your engagement and wedding rings

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If you have more than one ring, you’re probably at a loss: how do you best wear them both? Typically, many stack their rings by wearing the wedding ring closer to the heart. This means your wedding ring takes the bottom of the stack, as it’s said to signify the more meaningful milestone. Apart from that, there’s also a superstition that the wedding band can never be taken – more reason to keep it closer to your knuckle.

And to respect this age-old tradition, here’s what you can do to honour it on your wedding day. Before the ceremony, be sure to shift your engagement ring over to your right ring finger. This allows your partner to slide the dazzling wedding band on your left finger smoothly, and finish the wedding stack with engagement ring on top.

The symbolic meaning behind different ring fingers

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Still can’t decide which fingers to stack and style your wedding and fashion ladies rings? Then, consider these open interpretations to ring finger meaning and what wearing rings on different fingers could signify.

The thumb: a sign of wealth

Traditionally, a ring on either thumb was donned on by the high class. That’s because a large ring that can fit the thumb would require more materials to craft; it was worn as a status symbol if you could afford it.

Index fingers: royalty and marriage

In the past, the index finger was reserved for royalty. Visitors would kneel before royalty and kiss the ring on their index finger as a sign of respect. Today, many stack everyday rings on the index finger as a charming fashion statement!

Also, in certain cultures, a wedding ring is placed on the right index finger. For instance, during a traditional Jewish ceremony, couples reserve this finger for their wedding rings.

Middle fingers: a statement

Wearing a ring on the middle finger is typically open to interpretation. If you have an alluring diamond ring to make a statement, this is where you would consider putting it as the finishing touch to your sophisticated look!

Ring fingers: engagement or marriage

Even after debunking the myth, the tradition of the wedding ring hand or engagement ring hand has endured time. Whether you’re going for the left or right engagement ring finger, it depends on your culture.

The pinkie: marriage or status

Having a ring on the pinkie has been highly debated. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the pinkie was where men used to stack a wedding ring with their engagement ring – usually a signet ring. Besides that, rings on this finger have had a connection to the Mafia status!

In modern times, many see the right pinkie as a place to show their professional status. If you’ve graduated and looking for a ring to symbolise that, this finger is where you’d want to wear it.

Love & Co.’s specially crafted rings to fit and flatter your fingers

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Whether you’re going for tradition or personal preference, at the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you how you wish to style your rings! Some couples even wear their wedding ring and engagement ring on the left and right ring fingers, respectively.

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