PUBLISHED: October 14, 2022

You've done plenty of research on the best proposal ideas in Singapore, waited eagerly for the day, and lo and behold; you're now engaged! After the highs of the proposal wear off, a step closer to happily ever after is wedding preparations! Without question, the anticipation and excitement grow as you get active with the physical preparations of your wedding and crossing things off the never-ending to-do list - from choosing the perfect venue to shopping for wedding jewellery. Seeing as it is ideally a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, it's natural that you would want to spend more time making sure your wedding day runs smoothly with few to no interruptions.

However, as couples get busier with the physical aspects of their wedding preparations, many tend to overlook the one element that should matter most - mental preparations. Mentally preparing for your wedding and life after marriage should be just as, if not more, important than the physical arrangements. After all, your life is about to change forever, and that means no longer doing things and making decisions as an individual. With your significant other now about to go through life with you, here are five ways to prepare yourselves before you enter into your new life with your future spouse!

1. Get in the zone with meaningful wedding bands

A great way to start your mental preparations is by getting in the zone with purchasing wedding bands that symbolise your love and marriage, as well as give purpose to your new life after marriage. Doing so helps you thoroughly and mentally realise what you're going into and emphasises the importance of commitment and loyalty. So, when you're off to make your meaningful wedding band purchase, it might help to learn more about the ring you've chosen and whether or not it matches up with your views on marriage.

Celebrate new beginnings with LVC Soleil

Celebrate new beginnings with LVC Soleil

If you're thinking of getting wedding rings online that signify a wonderful new beginning with your future spouse, then let our LVC Soleil collection accompany you as you exchange your wedding rings, for that is what the collection is all about! It might not have the traditional grandeur associated with polished gold and gleaming diamonds, but its charm resides in the warm glow of colours and unconventional stylistics that aims to celebrate a couple's new chapter in life.

The LVC Soleil collection uses warm gold hues to beautifully encapsulate the sun's golden rays, fitting since 'Soleil' translates to 'sun' in French. Think of condensing the stunning peach and vermillion tones of the early morning sunrise into your wedding band - that's what LVC Soleil's all about! This collection includes a mix of golds that seamlessly blend together to resemble rays of sunlight. Each pair represents the beginning of a promising and bright future, perfect for the couple getting into the mental zone of life after marriage. With LVC Soleil, you can sincerely wear the sunrise on your finger as you commemorate your new dawn as husband and wife!

2. From ‘me’ to ‘we’

Selfishness has no place in a marriage; there's no better time to start changing your mindset and think more in terms of 'we' rather than 'me'. Taking into account your future spouse in your dreams and ambitions does not necessarily imply that you must lose your identity or that you must stop caring about your own happiness. Instead, think of it as being on the same team as your partner - after all, a marriage is a partnership! As such, let's get rid of some of that selfishness and ego.

3. Learn and respect each other’s boundaries

Learn and respect each other’s boundaries

No two individuals are the same; everyone is bound to be uniquely different. As such, your future spouse may think differently, see things from a different perspective, and have contrasting needs and wants as you. To minimise friction in your marriage, it would be best to discuss boundaries in advance. As a future married couple, what is permitted and not permitted for you to do? Should you discuss personal matters with loved ones and friends? Not all couples have the same sentiments when it comes to this, so there are no wrong or right answers. Instead, focus on discussing the limits and coming to an agreement that works best for both of you.

4. Strive to always forgive

Among the keys to a successful marriage is forgiveness, and a lot of it. Gone are the days of being divided by resentment and animosity! Instead of harbouring resentment at your spouse, learn to forgive them and look for the silver lining in any arguments or challenges you may face. Doing so will only improve your relationship and bring it to greater heights.

5. Be adaptable and open-minded

Be adaptable and open-minded

You may have some expectations when it comes to married life, but keep in mind that not every aspect of marriage should be perfect. It would be best to be prepared for the ups and downs that will inevitably occur. When you have faith in your relationship and future spouse, you're unlikely to give up easily should you face marital problems. Maintaining an open mind and being adaptable is also essential, as there will always be changes in your life, some of which you might not have anticipated before.


It is normal to notice a paradigm shift in your lifestyle when you get married, and learning to accept these changes in a healthy manner through mental preparations is key to developing a great married life.

As you crack your head for the perfect wedding bands that best represent you, let the beauties in our LVC Soleil collection accompany you on your marriage journey. If you’re deciding on the ideal band from our LVC Soleil collection or on the lookout for a stunning wedding jewellery collection in Singapore, feel free to book an in-store consultation and leave it to our friendly team to assist you in your search!