PUBLISHED: July 04, 2019

Many would think that rose gold only made its appearance back in 2012, when jewellers and fashion brands started to craft jewellery out of a precious metal other than yellow gold and white gold for the masses - rose gold engagement rings and statement pieces.

Truth be told, rose gold used to be popular back in the 19th century. During the 19th century, the Russians loved rose gold and could often be seen wearing rose gold jewellery as they carried out their daily activities. It was so popular in the country to the point where rose gold was frequently referred to as “Russian gold’’. However, rose gold’s popularity dropped significantly in 1935 when platinum rose to become the most used metal in jewellery.



In 2012, rose gold started gaining attention in the jewellery industry. Famous designers like Cavalli and Jimmy Choo released various rose gold creations to accommodate the rising trend for rosy-pink jewellery. These jewellery pieces were also wore by models during their catwalks on fashion shows.

Meanwhile, Blake Lively’s enchanting rose gold ring - a 12-carat diamond set worth two million dollars, swooned many women across the world and got them to appreciate the beauty behind rose gold.

But that’s not it. Apple launched its iPhone 6s with an all-new colour - rose gold. The launch was a huge success and soon, many businesses took notice of the rising popularity behind rose gold.

Since then, rose gold was consistently used in all types of jewellery and remained a favourite among women.



Rose gold is a mixture of different metals - mainly pure gold, silver and copper. The gold alloy can go from a soft pink to deep red depending on the gold to copper ratio. Generally, the greater the copper used, the redder the alloy. To achieve the pinkish hue, silver is sometimes added to tone down the redness of copper.



Rose gold will be in vogue all season. It’s a romantic precious metal that has a pink lustre and easily complements all types of skin tones. Not only is rose gold a favorite among the women, it is also well-received by men. The metal has a rusty appearance that is adored by couples who love vintage items.

In the eyes of wearers and jewellers, rose gold is a beautiful precious material that will never die out and its gorgeous colour works for all bridal jewellery collections.

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