PUBLISHED: February 04, 2022

Vow renewals are one to consider when you’ve celebrated many loving wedding anniversaries together. It is a heartfelt way to reaffirm the promises you have made to each other at the altar on your beautiful wedding day and to celebrate your devoted love for one another. In a world where very few things stay constant, that’s when you know the significance of vow renewals to commemorate your milestone wedding anniversary matter the most.

Representing the bond of two lovebirds coming together in union, Love & Co.’s Promise collection aims to capture the true meaning of unity and devotion through its stunning yet unique wedding bands.

To further prove your commitment to her, why not pair the vow renewal with a meaningful gift that portrays your everlasting relationship?

A sincere commitment and anniversary gift

When choosing an anniversary gift, you would want to pick one that leaves a lasting impression and creates a meaningful memory - something that allows both parties to look back and appreciate the sweet memory shared by only two people.

As an anniversary gift, the LVC Promise collection is so much more than the typical wedding ring. The bolt and nut were the primary inspiration behind LVC Promise - symbolising the strength of a couple’s true love. Connected together to form the ideal fit, the bolt and nut represent an unwavering marriage that remains solid amidst all circumstances. It is truly the brilliant depiction of a strong, unbreakable bond held together by the promise of wedding vows.

An enduring promise

An enduring promise

A declaration of love that promises everlasting union, Love & Co.’s Promise wedding band is the one, for the one. Our irresistibly wedding band design feature interlocking ‘L’ shaped elements that convey the warm embrace of partners and express the eternal love between the lovers.

A thoughtful gesture

Engagements and weddings are not the only instances to whip out a wedding band. Wedding anniversaries are often cherished moments that husbands and wives make use of to remind each other of their undying devotion and unity; thus, it makes it the perfect time to present a thoughtful gift like a sparkling ring to their significant other.

Like no other ring, the distinctive five grooves on the LVC Promise band represent the core elements in an eternal marriage - commitment, devotion, happiness, bond, and love. What better way to showcase your long year of lovely marriage than through a ring that symbolises love? For an added touch to the romance, consider gifting her a few matching jewellery pieces from the LVC Promise collection to elevate her style.



Celebrate the gift of promise with Love & Co.’s Promise wedding band collection. As a couple renew their vows, acquire fresh rings for the exchange! It is always a good time to get new, unique rings as a means to ‘freshen’ and reaffirm your love. As a perfect anniversary gift, the LVC Promise collection is meant to be worn as a reminder of a promise made deep from the heart with its bolt and nut motif that exudes deep meaning.

Whether it be a proposal, a milestone anniversary, or a surprise gift during this Valentine’s Day, Love & Co. has got the jewellery piece for every occasion. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings - there is surely one for your every need. Visit our jewellery shop or book an in-store appointment with us today!