PUBLISHED: February 16, 2021

Some believe in the idea of destiny – that soul mates and forever-partners are somewhere out there, just waiting for the perfect timing for two to meet, fall in love, and begin their happily-ever-after together. And once you’ve found the perfect match, it’s only natural to want it to last forever.

Picture this everlasting love with Love & Co.’s elegant LVC Destiny collection! Designed with the infinity symbol in mind, the collection brings a modern and romantic touch to engagement rings, wedding rings, and bridal jewellery gifts.


Propose to the love of your life with the LVC Destiny engagement ring to let your partner know: You’re in this for the long haul. Everything speaks of a sincere promise of commitment – from the grand intertwined crown head with an infinity symbol, to even the circle of the very ring itself, with no beginning and no end.

The LVC Destiny engagement ring is stunning at its best, topped off with a dazzling Lovemarque diamond. Embraced by adorable heart-shaped prongs, the resplendent gem is Love & Co.’s signature diamond, certified by De Beers Group’s Institute of Diamonds (IOD) for excellent quality and mesmerising light performance.

Indeed, the LVC Destiny ring will perfectly capture your love story of being destined to meet, fall in love and spend the rest of your lives together.


Marriage can be described as the intertwining of two lives into one. This beautiful union is materialised in the LVC Destiny wedding bands, created out of two intertwining bands to form the infinity symbol. It’s not just forever we’re talking about, but also a close, romantic intimacy only found in marriage.

Graceful lines characterise this wedding band, which comes with the choice of pavé diamonds. Rose gold and white gold produce a playful interaction, making for a stylish and unique ring.


That forever promise isn’t just relevant for your proposal day or wedding day. Let there be little reminders throughout your relationship as well! The LVC Destiny Destiny necklaces, earrings and bracelets will be a wonderful choice for an anniversary gift for a classy, stylish lady. Choose the one that your partner will like.

This gifting set is intricately styled to exude timeless elegance. The subtlety of these jewellery pieces renders them ideal for even minimalist wearers, while the detailed touches retain the deep significance of everlasting love. The style-conscious ones will also love the contrasting materials and colours, which provide a refreshing aesthetic to complement any outfit.


Showing your sincere devotion by saying ‘forever and always’ is a sure way to make your significant other’s heart melt. When said from the bottom of the heart, it represents the peak of committed love – a love that endures every hardship and joy together. Besides saying it with words and actions, a little gift from the LVC Destiny will be a lovely icing on the top.

Discover the full collection here at Love & Co., available in our jewellery shop online and in stores.