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5 Essential Steps For Nailing The Perfect Proposal

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Getting down on one knee, the perfect engagement ring in hand, and saying those sacred words “Will you marry me?” – that is the picture-perfect proposal we all know. If you are planning to pop the question, that might be the proposal you have in mind – or not.

These days, proposals come in many forms and styles, from an intimate date at the beach, to a public proposal witnessed by friends and loved ones. No matter what type of proposal you are going for, you need some essential elements to make it a flawless and memorable one for your significant other.


Just as you won’t risk winging it on a very important presentation at work, you don’t want to wing it on your once-in-a-lifetime chance to propose! Think about what you want to say to your significant other, and practice it before the big day. Surely, the key words “Will you marry me?” are essential, but it often comes with a build-up leading to it.

Recounting your journey and highlighting the defining moments of your courtship is a good way to do it. Let your other half know what you love about them, and re-affirm the foundation of your relationship. Whatever you plan on saying, make sure it’s authentic and meaningful to the both of you.



The setting matters! A romantic and meaningful backdrop is what will set you two in the mood to experience this milestone in your relationship. Whether it is the location of your very first date, one of your favourite haunts, or a scenic dream destination, make it count!

Nailing down your venue early also makes it easier on you logistically. Don’t forget to take into account if you want it to be a private moment, or an event where you want your loved ones involved, and pick a spot that can accommodate everyone. Remember to decorate the venue and prepare her favourite bouquet too.



What is a proposal without the engagement ring? While your sincerity and love should be front and centre during the proposal, one of the next most important elements is the proposal ring! By the time you wish to propose, you should know what type of ring your partner would like. Otherwise, some couples don’t mind choosing the ring together.

Does your significant other want a traditional diamond solitaire ring? Or perhaps something more unique? Customising your ring is also a brilliant option, as it further adds to the personal touch and story behind the ring. But remember: don’t wait till the last minute to get this done, because you might need to factor in other waiting times for customisation, sizing, delivery, and so on.



If you think about it, planning a proposal is essentially planning an event. It’s easy to get caught up in all the arrangements, and get antsy about getting all the details in place. But here’s a critical thing to remember: Don’t forget to feel the moment!

Once you have everything in place, don’t let the worries hinder you any longer. At that moment, your focus should be on your significant other and the words you want to say to them. Even if you have memorised a script, let the words come straight from your heart. There are few moments in life so important as this, so take your time to bask in the moment and enjoy each other’s presence.


Proposals are moments you want to remember for life. So, make sure there’s someone around to capture the magic of the moment through video and photos! It hits differently when you are months or years down the road, and you have documents to look back on to recall that beautiful moment.

You can invite your loved ones to witness and record the occasion for you, or consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the scene.

Proposing to your significant other can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking moment. Perfect the plan with these 5 tips, and let your heart do the talking! If you are planning a proposal and have yet to settle the ring, we welcome you to browse our collections at Love & Co. jewellery shops. Our consultants will definitely help you get the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

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