PUBLISHED: May 19, 2023

As we calm down from the highs of February’s Valentine’s Day and take a tranquil moment to cherish love beyond festivities, perhaps it’s time to embrace the enchantment of 520, the Chinese Valentine’s Day! Finding solace in the beauty of everyday romance is sweet, but sometimes love should be celebrated fiercely – like standing at the mountaintop and screaming out your devotion for the world to hear. If celebrating love with a renewed sense of joy and meaning is what you wish, then let Love & Co.’s Say Love™ diamond ring accompany you this 520.

We’ve all since established that the Say Love™ is the perfect proposal ring you’ll ever need for that bask of romance like no other. But beyond romantic proposals and wedding journeys, the Say Love™ is more than just stunning engagement rings. In fact, they are more than ideal for special occasions in love – like the 520. But don’t just take our word for it; let’s take a closer look at why you should symbolise your love this 520 with the Say Love™ diamond!

A diamond that embodies the essence of love without words

A heartfelt declaration of love, the remarkable Say Love™ is a true marvel that beautifully captures the essence of “I love you” without uttering a single word. Its ability to convey a profound message of affection to your significant other on the meaningful occasion of 520 is enough reason to celebrate the affair with the Say Love™ by your side. If you’d like to take it up a notch, consider purchasing a diamond bracelet in Singapore to accompany the Say Love™ diamond ring.

Its unique design and expert craftsmanship

Its unique design and expert craftsmanship

The patented modified round brilliant cut of the Say Love™ diamond sets it apart, making it a distinctive and extraordinary choice for a romantic gesture. Combining elements of the classic round brilliant cut and the beloved heart cut, this innovative cut results in a captivating design that simply screams love. But that’s not all – its meticulously crafted facets create a dazzling heart at the pavilion and table of the diamond, adding a touch of exclusivity and uniqueness to the diamond.

Within every Say Love™ jewellery piece lies the artistry of masterful artisans who weave their passion into each delicate creation. Meticulously crafted to surpass the highest standards, these rings are not only visually enchanting but also crafted to withstand the test of time. As you gift the Say Love™ to your one true love, let it serve as a testament to the eternal nature of your love – a shimmering reminder that your bond, like the diamond itself, is destined to endure, sparkle, and captivate for a lifetime.

The overall result? A breathtaking fusion of brilliance and romance, making the Say Love™ diamond a truly one-of-a-kind symbol of love. But if you’re ever overwhelmed and find that the Say Love™ itself might come off a little too strong for your liking, you can always pair it with some delicate stacking rings for her to create a whimsical dance of love on her fingers.

A thoughtful gesture for love milestones

A thoughtful gesture for love milestones

Chinese Valentine’s Day holds profound significance as a day of connection and love for couples. Enter the world of Say Love™ diamond rings, where beauty intertwines with deep symbolism. As a versatile gift, these rings are perfect companions for commemorating special milestones like engagements and wedding anniversaries or as a heartfelt gesture to affirm your unwavering commitment on a regular day or even Valentine’s Day.


In Chinese culture, 520 is a meaningful date often associated with declarations of love. This is not surprising, considering that the number sounds similar to the phrase “I love you” in Mandarin. As you seek Singapore jewellery brands to find the perfect jewellery gift, don’t leave out Love & Co. and the Say Love™ diamond to declare your heartfelt emotions of love.

Not sure if the Say Love™ diamond is the right choice for your partner? Talk to our friendly jewellery experts when you schedule an in-store consultation with us, and let us help you celebrate 520 in unforgettable ways that will make your heart soar!