PUBLISHED: December 27, 2023

Gold jewellery is timeless, but it doesn't have to be reserved for special occasions alone – and that goes for your Si Dian Jin bridal set, too. That’s why Love & Co.'s 9IN 999 Pure Gold Collection is made from 5G Gold,that emcompasses toughness, brilliance, and purity, is ideal for daily wear. Each piece offers you the perfect blend of glamour and versatility, making it an option for daily wear even after your wedding! 

Join us as we explore various styling tips to effortlessly incorporate these exquisite pieces into your everyday wardrobe and give your outfits the style and shine they deserve.

1. Embrace the Layered Look

Layering your 999 Gold necklaces is a versatile and timeless way for ladies to elevate their accessory game. Start with a statement, like the LVC 9IN Double Circlet 999 Gold Necklace. Then pair it with a companion that echoes and accentuates its features – like the rounded edges of the LVC 9IN Clover Teardrop 999 Gold Necklace – or presents an eye-catching juxtaposition, as with the LVC 9IN Bonded Halves 999 Gold Necklace’s geometric grooves. 

Playing with different gold chain lengths or pendant designs adds depth to the set, allowing you to personalise the layering trend and make it entirely your own. Don’t forget to complete your look with the LVC 9IN Double Circlet 999 Gold Drop Earrings, to tie your outfit together cohesively.

2. Elevate Your Ear Game

Earrings are a fantastic way to effortlessly enhance your daily style, whether you’re putting together an office presentation, making an after-work appearance at your local bar, or meeting up with friends for Sunday brunch. Keep your earring arrangements classy by going for a theme – like the romantic heart-shaped stylings of the LVC 9IN Carla Matched Love 999 Gold Drop Earrings and LVC 9IN Allure Heart 999 Gold Earrings

Embrace the motif further with accompanying pieces like the LVC 9IN Trinity Carla Heart 999 Gold Bracelet, LVC 9IN Carla Heart 999 Gold Necklace, LVC 9IN Trinity Carla Heart 999 Gold Necklace, and LVC 9IN Heart 999 Gold Bangle. Opting for matching designs ensures your outfit looks thoughtfully coordinated, and you can also achieve a similar effect on a subtler scale by coordinating details like texture or thickness.

3. Adorn Your Wrists with Elegance


Bangles and bracelets each have their own stunning qualities, so why keep them apart? The rigidity of a bangle adds form and structure to your jewellery set, while the fluidity of a bracelet tempers the look for a balanced effect. Go bold with the LVC 9IN Elin 999 Gold Bangle, a multi-bangle set bearing petit beads that catch the light at every turn, or the LVC 9IN Ballentine 999 Gold Bangle with two interlocking bars that have an architectural edge to them.

Soften the look with your 9IN 999 Pure Gold bracelet of choice, each of which bears its own unique allure. The LVC 9IN Dahlia Beaded 999 Gold Bracelet’s alternating yellow gold beads keep it from being too identical to the Elin Gold Bangle while still leaving plenty of room to add to the stack. For an option that’s both simple and meaningful, the LVC 9IN Blessings 999 Gold Bracelet allows you to carry blessings of good fortune as it has a fu (福 pendant attached to it. In addition, you can also opt for the LVC 9IN Clover Quintet 999 Gold Bracelet imbues luck into your every move. You can wear them alone or stack them to have a different look. 

4. Savour Subtle Statements with Rings

For those who truly want to fly under the radar without giving up their sartorial stylings, there’s nothing better suited to you than a ring stack. The 9IN 999 Pure Gold Collection contains plenty of casual ring options for women, which can be just as easily mixed and matched with the rest of our extensive jewellery collection. Those with a preference for minimalist silhouettes will love the LVC 9IN Tatina 999 Gold Ring or LVC 9IN Classic Bloom 999 Gold Ring – both bold, steadfast gold bands that blend in perfectly with a wedding or engagement band.

For a touch more glamour, embrace the stylised designs of the LVC 9IN Circle Floret 999 Gold Ring, LVC 9IN Strings of Love 999 Gold Ring, or LVC 9IN Square Floret 999 Gold Ring. Echoing the look of traditional signet rings, these selections pair perfectly with casual #OOTDs and formal flourishes alike.

Discover New Ways to Appreciate 999 Gold with Love & Co.

With Love & Co.'s 9IN 999 Pure Gold collection, daily wear becomes an art of self-expression and sophistication. Plus, these styling tips are only a springboard to start with! Mix and match, don’t be afraid to play with (or even break!) the rules, and let your personality shine through your jewellery choices. From stylish gold jewellery to gold hoop earrings for women, Love & Co. is here to help you reimagine everyday jewellery styles full of meaningful sentimentality.

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