PUBLISHED: October 24, 2023

When it comes to proposals, there's often a deep-rooted tradition associated with presenting an engagement ring when popping the question. However, modern couples are challenging conventions and asking a pertinent question: Do I really need an engagement ring to get engaged? 

Let’s look at the arguments for and against engagement rings, so you can make an informed decision about the next big step in your relationship journey.

Pictured: LVC Precieux Dazzling Duet Diamond Ring, LVC Precieux Classic Milgrain Diamond Ring, LVC Say Love™ Destiny Esme Diamond Ring

Yes: Simply because it's tradition.

It’s perfectly fine to feel weird at the thought of not having a ring during your proposal or engagement ceremony. Engagement rituals are deeply rooted in one’s history, culture, and religion. Think of the Chinese Guo Da Li or the Malay bertunang. In this light, presenting an engagement ring is just one step in a much more elaborate show of commitment to marriage. Additionally, many engagement ceremonies usually involve family members and close friends, and couples may feel pressure to ‘live up’ to certain expectations. As such, even the most ambivalent couples may decide it’s best to just follow tradition, look up ‘where to buy an engagement ring in Singapore’, and avoid any nosy questions from well-meaning loved ones.

Yes: If it's something you’ve agreed upon.

Modern relationships are built on communication and consensus. If you and your partner have discussed and agreed upon the significance of an engagement ring, it can serve as a meaningful expression of your shared intentions, dreams, and commitment. Making your own bespoke engagement ring in Singapore can take the process a step further, imbuing that little metal ring with boundless love and devotion in the tiniest of details.

Yes: It’s a testament to your endless love.

Rings, be it bespoke engagement rings, wedding bands, or everyday jewellery, have been a cross-cultural staple for millennia. A ring’s circular shape neatly encapsulates ideas of eternity and fidelity, making it the perfect representation of your upcoming nuptials. Picking out the right engagement ring does more than just fulfill age-old traditions and familial expectations: it symbolises your love’s enduring nature, and the boundless depths of your devotion to each other. Whether simple or extravagant, they are a constant, enduring reminder to your partner of the joint life you’re about to build together. 

No: If it's going to be too costly.

Planning for a life together can be costly, from wedding banquets to securing a home of your own. Practical considerations sometimes take precedence, and for some that means forgoing the engagement ring to focus on more pressing matters. If the cost of an engagement ring would put you or your partner under undue financial strain, it's absolutely possible to consider more affordable options or alternative symbols of your commitment. The proposing partner should also be careful not to fall into the trap of how much an engagement ring ‘should’ cost as there are beautiful options available at any price point, including stylish wedding bands under $1000.

No: If it doesn't mean that much to either of you.

Buying an engagement ring can feel like the first big step before taking the plunge – so it’s important that the meaning behind it resonates with both partners. Not all couples find deep significance in engagement rings, and some might even find having matching wedding bands more attractive. If the symbolism just doesn’t resonate with you and your partner, be it bespoke engagement rings or ready-made, there's no need to adhere to tradition for the sake of it. You can even explore alternative forms of engagement jewellery or engagement presents that are more in line with what your partner will wear or use on a regular basis.

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So is an engagement ring necessary? In the end, the answer to what depends on your relationship, values, and personal preferences. While engagement rings carry rich traditions and symbolism, they are not mandatory for a meaningful proposal. 

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Ultimately, what matters most is the depth of your commitment and the love you share, regardless of the form it takes. Explore Love & Co.’s full range of engagement, wedding, and bridal jewellery today to discover timeless treasures and testaments of love.