PUBLISHED: May 28, 2024

Eternity bands, sometimes referred to as infinity rings, are a ring design that epitomises everlasting love and commitment. 

Eternity bands feature stones all around the band. This design represents a physical, tangible reminder of you and your partner’s eternal love and unity – symbolising a love that’s as infinite, as lasting, and as impenetrable as the diamonds it bears.

This symbolism makes the eternity band a perfect choice not just for wedding or engagement bands but as a gift to commemorate special milestones and anniversaries as well.

Read on to learn more about eternity bands, what practical benefits they have in addition to their physical beauty, and how to pick the right eternity ring for you and/or your partner.

The Appeal of Eternity Bands

Eternity bands offer several advantages over traditional wedding bands, which tend to feature diamonds or gemstones only on the top of the ring. 

Firstly, their continuous row of diamonds adds extra sparkle and brilliance, making them stand out from other ring designs. Additionally, eternity bands are an instantly understandable symbol of endless love and unity, making them a meaningful choice for couples celebrating their commitment to each other.

Finally, from a functional perspective, most eternity bands can be easily paired with solitaire engagement ring settings or other ring designs. This allows you to seamlessly wear matching engagement and wedding rings, find a wedding band to match your engagement ring or begin building your very own ring stack from scratch.

However, note that full eternity rings cannot be resized once they are made.

What’s a Half Eternity Ring?

A half eternity ring is an eternity ring where the stones are set only halfway around the band. This can make the ring appear to be a full eternity ring when worn while costing a fraction of the price of a full eternity ring. In addition to the smaller price tag, half eternity rings can also be resized – making it a more versatile option for couples who wish to keep their jewellery options open.

Exploring Love & Co.’s Eternity Band Collection

At Love & Co., we offer a stunning collection of eternity bands crafted with precision and passion. Our eternity bands feature sustainable lab-grown diamonds, ensuring both ethical sourcing and exceptional quality. Let's explore some of our exquisite eternity bands:

For a classic wedding band design, look no further than the LVC Eterno Harmony Wedding Band in Rose Gold with Diamonds. This romantic wedding ring features a harmonious blend of rose gold and diamonds sleekly inset into the band, allowing it to pair perfectly with almost any engagement ring design. 

The LVC Petit Precieux Amias Diamond Wedding Band is similarly stunning with its delicate row of nine lab-grown diamonds set in white or rose gold prongs, making for a timeless look that’s still undeniably modern. Whereas the LVC Petit Precieux Eternity Diamond Wedding Band may look similar to the Amias, its smaller prongs make the rest of the band seem to disappear when worn – so the wearer’s finger seems to be simply adorned with a beautiful bevy of diamonds.

For couples who appreciate the power of symbolism, the LVC Noeud Cariad Diamond Wedding Band stands out. Taking a literal approach to ‘tying the knot’, this wedding band features a compelling knot motif adorned with sparkling diamonds. Both rose gold and white gold are used in the design, representing the eternal union of two people and the blending of two stories, pasts, and futures. 

If you appreciate the knot metaphor but want something more contemporary, look to the LVC Eterno Claire Diamond Wedding Band in Rose Gold instead. Crafted in rose gold, its intersection point design gives a little ‘twist’ to the traditional eternity band silhouette without losing any of the romance or sophistication.

Though the eternity band is considered a timeless staple when it comes to wedding band designs, that doesn’t make it outdated or past its prime. Designs like the LVC Purete Delight Diamond Wedding Band in Platinum account for maximum sparkle and brilliance without compromising on style, resulting in a sleek and modern design that’s versatile enough for everyday wear.

The LVC Petit Precieux Desire Diamond Wedding Band is yet another variation of the eternity band that’s adaptable and versatile thanks to its v-line silhouette. This makes it perfect for pairing with solitaire setting styles, halo ring settings, and other unconventional ring styles – so you’ll have no trouble finding engagement and wedding rings that fit together.

Love & Co. is committed to offering unrivalled quality, unique designs, and sustainable diamonds, ensuring that every piece of our bridal jewellery tells a beautiful story of love and commitment. Explore our LVC Petit Precieux collection, full eternity band collection, and matching his and hers wedding bands to find the perfect symbol of everlasting love for you or your sweetheart.