PUBLISHED: November 28, 2019

You have finally decided to propose to your better half, and now, the pressure is on.

The ease of purchasing online has made it easy for anyone to buy almost anything over the net – but what about more significant purchases such as an engagement ring?

According to a 2017 report, 14% of grooms reported buying their ring online. And the trend is only growing, with more couples looking to purchase their engagement rings online for two main reasons – convenience and affordability.

But does that mean you should completely disregard buying your rings from a specialist? As you are about to find out, there are both pros and cons, whether you choose to buy from the comfort of your home, or make the trip down to a specialist.


Even though buying your engagement ring online means not having to step out of the house to get the ring of your choice – the experience that you get from shopping in-stores can never be replicated and replaced over the internet.

With online stores, you will definitely have access to more designs and styles than if you were to shop in a particular store – but if you are planning on getting a bespoke ring, your best bet is to work with a diamond ring specialist in-stores.

At Love & Co., buying your ring is an experience – not only will you be able to connect with our specialists to help guide you based on your specific needs and preferences, we also provide plenty of support to resize, clean or upgrade your proposal rings after your purchase!

When you shop at Love & Co., you can have the best of both worlds – we offer an omni-channel experience for couples to buy online or in-stores! Whether you decide to do your research online and complete the purchase in-stores or vice versa; either way, you can be assured of attaining a diamond that is romantic, brilliant and worthy of your eternal love.



While each platform has its pros and cons – it is important to first consider your budget, the ring style that you want and your current knowledge of diamonds.

After all, there is a lot more to selecting a dazzling diamond that goes way beyond aesthetics and the 4Cs, and can ultimately change the appearance and price of your ring.

Most of the time, couples are buying their first diamond and have no prior knowledge, which is why having direct access to an expert who has the required skills to distinguish between an average and high-quality diamond is key.

Make sure that you only work with reputable jewelers – a great way to reduce your risks is to ask for gemological certifications and credentials when buying your diamonds; looking out for prestigious certifications from GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute) and De Beers.

Every single one of our rings come with an authentic certificate from De Beers, and carries Love & Co.’s signature Rose Hallmark – a guarantee of the quality, sustainability and master craftsmanship that has gone behind its creation.



Seeing is really believing when it comes to purchasing engagement rings – there is no better way to figure out if a ring is the right one for you unless you go and physically see, touch and get a feel of it.

After taking into consideration all the return and insurance policies, after-care support, payment options and shipping costs – you might find that buying online may not be the best choice for you.

Buying an engagement ring is a purchase that symbolizes your everlasting commitment and love to your significant other, so it’s only right that you pick out the best of the best for them.

At the end of the day, the choice has to feel “right”, and your priority should always lie on picking out a high-quality diamond. Make your own exclusive, one-of-a-kind bespoke rings at our flagship store located at Jewel Changi Airport – featuring our Star Carat diamond collection, a premier series of cutting–edge lab–grown diamonds.

Embark on a customization journey with our diamond specialists and physically piece together a ring of a lifetime – simply give us a call to book your appointment!