PUBLISHED: June 17, 2022
Believe it or not, gift-giving anxiety is a natural feeling; many self-conscious people are afraid of getting a gift that is too small for fear of what others might think. After all, we have always been told that bigger is better - whether it be chasing a bigger carat size for that perfect engagement ring to impress our significant other or simply picking jewellery gift sets with the largest, sparkliest diamonds as a birthday or anniversary gift idea.

But, let us rethink this: Bigger is not always better, for sometimes, tiny is mighty. Believe it or not, there are countless excellent reasons why going small can make a big impact! So, if you are looking to gift jewellery for a special someone (or even yourself!), why not change it up this time by going small?

Celebrate life’s little moments

Not every day is going to be Christmas or Valentine’s Day - a day filled with extravagant events, celebrations, and gifts galore. When you go through life with your special someone, however, you will find joy in every little moment!

Relish the romantic supermarket dates, where you will be building up your home and lives together. Hold fast to the silly little dances they make when their favourite song comes on the radio or the sparkle in their eyes when they see their favourite food. These moments are what make living life together special and undoubtedly so worth it.

Love and Co.’s Mini Ring collection is the ideal accompaniment to say that you treasure all the little moments with your significant other. Meaningful when gifted during small milestones, or even as a simple ‘just because’, the collection shines the spotlight on miniature rings as pendants or bracelet charms.

- LVC Charmes Mini Ring Diamond Bracelet

LVC Charmes Mini Ring Diamond Bracelet

Elegant and understated, the LVC Charmes Mini Ring Diamond Bracelet is intricate yet versatile for everyday wear. Just as how two lives and hearts intertwine when two lovebirds fall in love, the interlocking rings on this diamond bracelet symbolise an inseparable partnership. If anything, the 18K gold, 6-diamond curated mini ring bracelet is perfect for adorning her wrist with a jewellery piece that shares your love story.

Big things start small

Some individuals are fortunate enough to experience love at first sight, but for many, the seeds of love start small. Beginning with that awkward first date, it grows until you are comfortable enough to hold hands, share your deepest secrets, and talk about your future together. The lifelong journey of love is long, but give it time, and it will grow big, mighty, and rooted firmly like a tree.

Should you still be in a budding relationship, the LVC Mini Rings Collection can serve as a prelude to bigger things to come. Perhaps you want to show your love and commitment, but it is not quite the time to propose. Or maybe you want to break the mould by proposing with an unconventional choice of ladies' ring in Singapore – one that is worn close to the heart instead of on the finger.

- LVC Charmes Rose Mini Ring Diamond Pendant

LVC Charmes Rose Mini Ring Diamond Pendant

For an extra romantic touch, the LVC Charmes Rose Mini Ring Diamond Pendant combines the two popular love languages of ladies – flowers and jewellery. Say it with love through the unique rose silhouette and tri-diamond arrangement that expresses completeness, unequivocal love and devotion.

An eye for detail

Need we say more? The simple fact is that small is indeed cute! Dainty and exquisite, well-made miniatures are always a sight to behold. If your significant other has an eye for detail and charming creations, the minute detail and workmanship of our mini collection are sure to impress.

- LVC Charmes Bow Mini Ring Diamond Pendant

LVC Charmes Bow Mini Ring Diamond Pendant

To bring the cute theme a step further, you can never go wrong with the LVC Charmes Bow Mini Ring Diamond Pendant. Adorably adorned with a little accent rose-gold bow on a miniature solitaire ring, your privileged recipient will surely receive your message of love when they see the heart-shaped inner contour.

- LVC Charmes Dazzling Mini Ring Diamond Pendant

LVC Charmes Dazzling Mini Ring Diamond Pendant

If your better half leans toward a more elegant and effortless style, do check out the LVC Charmes Dazzling Mini Ring Diamond Pendant! With its classic and graceful features, the 14K gold, 4-diamond 0.04-carat pendant is a jewellery piece that seeks to never go out of style. Befitting of its name, the brilliant centre diamond will light up the wearer with its resplendent radiance.


Celebrate small today! Mini yet mighty, the LVC Mini Ring collection is filled with endless charms for you to discover. Moreover, it is also ideal for times when you are not looking for a very formal or monumental gift like a solitaire ring, but something more casual, offbeat, and fun. Perhaps it is time to switch up where rings are traditionally worn - from the fingers to the wrists and neck. Although tiny, do not overlook their power to amplify the mighty love of the gift-giver!

For more jewellery gift ideas or wedding jewellery collections in Singapore, our friendly Love and Co. jewellers are always here to help. Get up close and personal with our jewellery collections at our showrooms by booking an appointment with us today!