PUBLISHED: February 14, 2020

It’s the month of love, once again! For many couples, this means a time for celebrating their love with some thoughtful gifts and a romantic dinner. What will you and your date be doing this Valentine’s?

After spending years together, finding the perfect gift or activity for date night can prove a challenge, especially if you are the kind of couple who are perfectly contented in the company of each other. But a sweet gesture on February 14th still won’t hurt, and your beloved other half will definitely hold you dear for that extra thoughtfulness.

So, to spark off some ideas for you, we present to you our guide of things you can gift your sweetheart this V-day!


Roses are a Valentine’s Day classic – but it’s a pity they have such a fleeting presence. If you wish your gift to be a symbol of your endearing love, why not go for something that will stand the test of time? Jewellery items are timeless gifts that can be treasured for years – plus, they make the wearer look dazzling!

For the elegant lady in your life, the Classic LVC Precieux diamond earrings will be perfect for complementing her classy style. Or, present her with your confession of love with a piece from the endearing LVC Teddy Bear Collection, which will definitely charm its way into her heart.

These gifts will be a tangible reminder of your enduring love, allowing your special one to feel your heartfelt affection every time they put it on. So, don’t be shy and use this chance to tell her she’s the star of your life!

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When the usual store-bought gifts just don’t cut it anymore, it’s time to go personal. Going old-school with a hand-written card or hand-made gift is a touching gesture that your other half is sure to appreciate. Photo collections or an illustrated portrait of the both of you also make for meaningful gifts. By recounting the countless memories you’ve shared, both of you can see how far this love has brought you in this relationship.

If you want, you can also take it a notch higher by combining personalisation with a timeless gift. At Love & Co., we let you leave your mark on your rings through a range of engraving possibilities. Etch on your special dates, seal your love with your thumbprints, or put in a personal message that will accompany your significant other from now till forever. With LVC Concierge’s bespoke services, you can even design your own ring – from the selection of gem design to ring band style.

This service will let you make wonderful personalised engagement rings and diamond wedding rings as well – if, in any case, you are planning to pop the question during this romantic season!



Understanding your partner’s love language is key to getting them the right gift this Valentine’s Day. Perhaps they are not so much of a gifts person, and would very much prefer to just spend a special day doing something together.

This means it might be a better choice to avoid the retail mark-ups and instead opt for priceless experiences with your significant other. You can go back to basics with a movie date, or embark on a carefree cycling excursion at a scenic park. You might be gladly surprised at how these simple activities can elicit such experiences of joy too!

If you’re looking for something more different than usual, doing something new together is a great idea. From cooking to woodworking, there are workshops aplenty available for you to join and pick up new skills together. Not only will you get to see a different side of each other, but you might also get to bring home a new passion or products that are the fruit of your labour.

As some people say, spending time with someone is like giving a part of your life to them – and indeed, there’s no more precious gift you can give to your loved one than that!

Finding the perfect gift for your significant other doesn’t have to be about the biggest or most costly items. Ultimately, it is a day to celebrate love – so show it in the ways you know they appreciate it best! When you gift from the heart, it guarantees that your confession of love will be deeply treasured for a long time.