PUBLISHED: August 05, 2021

While deciding on your wedding ring can be easier than seeking out that jaw-dropping engagement ring to sweep her off her feet, there are still a couple of factors to bear in mind for wedding bands you’ll wear for a lifetime! Besides the size and cut of the gem it will carry, there’s also the next common question: what metal type should you go for when purchasing your wedding ring?

Here at Love & Co., we say the choice of the metal is just as important as the stones on it! You’d want to find the right metal that speaks volumes of your bride-to-be’s style, while balancing the practical aspects like sturdiness and cost. It can be a tall task, especially when all metals should not be treated equal – they each pride unique qualities that make all the difference to her.

In fact, there is no one best metal for wedding rings. There’s simply no right or wrong with your choice. But, it’s always best to strive for preference while keeping her lifestyle in mind. Many couples typically overlook the lifestyle factor, but as a token of your eternal commitment, you’d want to gift her a wedding ring she can wear forever.

At Love & Co., we’ve sieved out 4 of the most popular yet durable metal choices for you: platinum, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Here’s a look at each of them, and a handy guide to find out the right metal choice made for your significant other.

Platinum: for partners who work with their hands

While platinum is a popular metal choice for wedding rings, did you know that back in the 20th century, during wartime, this metal had to be taken off the market to be used in the military? That goes to show how durable platinum is! Perfect for your significant other who often needs to work with her hands, consider this sturdy metal that also offers a gentle, soft white hue.

Although heavier than gold, platinum boasts itself as not being able to tarnish or oxidise. Also, because it’s significantly rarer than gold, it’s sure to be a wedding gift that aligns with your heartfelt intentions. Looking to engrave the date of your big day to make it extra meaningful? Then, opt for platinum because its hardiness also means your embellishment will look sharper – offering you a special and stunning design!

This metal choice is typically more costly, but all with good reason. Platinum lands itself as one of the most scratch-resistant metals, less prone to wear and tear. For this same reason, you can find that most prongs that hold your precious gems in place are made of platinum. The hardiness also means she’ll be treated with the metal’s eternal shine.

LVC Purete Classic Wedding Band with Layered Matte Finish

Diamond Engagement Rings, Engagement Rings

If you’re already hooked on this brilliant metal, then this particular platinum wedding band might be just for you. Designed with the strength of marriage in mind, the use of gorgeous textures on the band is simple yet stunning at the same time.

White gold: for the modern and stylish couple

This one’s for the modern, trendy and stylish couples out there! White gold wedding bands are crafted with a combination of pure gold and an alloy of metals (namely, silver, palladium and nickel) to offer one of the most outstanding shines in the market. The white hue of these bands also create an elegant look and can match both the fair and rosy skin tones of brides-to-be.

Gifting a wedding ring of this precious metal means offering her a modern look that will last. More durable than yellow gold and plated with rhodium to improve durability and whiteness, white gold is sure to radiate your everlasting love for her!

LVC Promise Eternity Wedding Band in White Gold with a Center Solitaire Diamond

Diamond Engagement Rings, Engagement Rings

Sitting at 18K white gold, this lovely wedding band from the LVC Promise collection carries approximately 32 diamonds to illuminate your never-wavering commitment. With the inclusion of 5 distinct and beautiful grooves, this is the ring to reflect your everlasting relationship; each groove represents your happiness, love, commitment, bond and devotion to her.

Rose gold: for the helpless romantics

If you’re looking for gold but not too keen on the white hue, perhaps rose gold is the perfect, beautiful alternative for you! Rose gold is truly unique and romantic – from the subtle warmth it adds with the pink shade to how it perfectly complements any feminine shades of pink, this metal choice has been fast gaining popularity!

As just the right mix of yellow gold, copper and silver alloys, the result is a lovely rose gold metal that accentuates all skin tones. It’s more scratch-resistant and longer-lasting – she won’t need to sweat over the condition of this delicate ring! Best of all, with the use of copper, your rose gold wedding band is stronger than white or yellow gold.

LVC Petit Precieux Timeless Diamond Wedding Band In Rose Gold

Diamond Engagement Rings, Engagement Rings

As a symbol of your timeless devotion and love, let the glistening lab-grown diamonds on the beautiful pave setting offer her an edge to any of her everyday outfits. Moreover, whether it’s to let the band stand-alone or stack it with other everyday rings, this 18K rose gold band is definitely a statement piece.

LVC Classique Wedding Band in Rose Gold

Diamond Engagement Rings, Engagement Rings

This delicate yet gender-neutral wedding band is made for both him and her. The flawless design is also a contemporary twist to the timeless thick wedding bands. Also set in 18K rose gold, this precious ring offers a lifetime of style.

Yellow gold: for the traditional couples

As the timeless choice that has never gone out of style, yellow gold is the last but not the least in metal choice options. A fun fact: since its first use several millenniums ago, this metal is still a trendy piece today! This classic metal effortlessly radiates warm yellow hues that stay true over time. The brilliant mixture of pure gold, silver and copper offers a graceful and warm appearance in the form of yellow gold.

One thing to note when shopping for gold bands: the higher the karat (of gold) doesn’t mean that it is better! Typically, as a general rule of thumb, you’d want to go for below 24K gold to attain a durable ring. Besides being a safe and traditional choice, yellow gold bands boast themselves as the most versatile. Whether she carries a fair or darker skin tone, she’s sure to wear yellow gold effortlessly.

LVC Classique Wedding Band in Yellow Gold

Diamond Engagement Rings, Engagement Rings

Standing at a highly affordable price of $949, choose a matching pair of these bands, curated for both him and her! If you’re looking for a minimalistic design that speaks for itself as a statement piece, this yellow gold wedding band encompasses just that.


Our passionate consultants at Love & Co. have curated an extensive collection of wedding rings inspired by love, created for love. With wedding bands intricately designed to reflect different facets of love, shop at our wedding band concierge today to find a jaw-dropping yet practical set for you.

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