PUBLISHED: April 13, 2021
On the hunt for the perfect ring your significant other will say yes to? Instead of the classic diamonds, why not switch things up with something blue and something exclusive – blue diamond solitaire rings. Just like any colourless diamond, blue diamonds offer the same unrivalled sparkle to the eye. The difference lies in the dreamy blue look it presents as an ideal centre stone. And rest assured, these blue diamonds are not colour-treated or enhanced to get their blue colour, it is entirely natural! The source of it is actually from the presence of boron in the blue diamond’s carbon composition. With this added hue, here’s why many have said it makes all the difference to their life-long partners.

1. Let her bask in that unique blue shine

Blue diamonds are extra precious because they are much harder to find than classic colourless diamonds! With that, a blue diamond easily sets your engagement ring apart, making your significant other feel extra special. Also, out of all the blue gemstones, the fire from a blue diamond has stood unmatched for the longest time. It offers that extra sparkle to her finger with the blue diamond’s superior ability to refract light. Even the common blue sapphires can’t compete with the brilliance blue diamonds offer. So when you get down on one knee and present such a prestigious gift, she’ll know that’s how much you treasure her.

2. You won’t need to burn a hole in your pocket

With more prestige, you’re probably expecting an elegant blue diamond solitaire ring to cost a bomb. While that is typically true due the unrivalled gemstone’s exclusive nature, blue diamonds can be affordable. Consider lab grown blue diamonds that offer the same brilliance, but at a fraction of the price of a mined blue diamond. Rest assured that lab grown diamonds are as real as any diamond can get. The difference lies in the origin of the diamond. But the result is the same – you get an equally stunning proposal ring for an equally big yes.

3. Completes any of her everyday outfits

Coupled with any outfit, this unique blue sparkle makes a stylish finishing touch! Whether it’s with her day-to-day essentials or gorgeous evening gowns, the blue diamond adds sophistication without being over-the-top. Better yet, this precious gem doesn’t need to be stored away to preserve its brilliance. Blue diamonds are proven to be durable and scratch-resistant, just like the colourless diamond. Let her carry this valuable gem with style and ease.

4. Reflects your long-lasting love

Finally, light won’t be the only thing this dazzling blue diamond reflects. Blue diamonds have been associated with faithfulness, sincerity and loyalty – a colour that signals your desire to take the relationship to the next level. One look at your stunning solitaire diamond ring and she’ll know that you mean business. The blue hue might not sum up your everlasting love for her, but it’s probably the best attempt in doing so.


When you know she’s the one to go all-in for, you’d want to get the perfect ring she deserves. So let the blue hue of your proposal ring speak for you! With increasingly affordable blue diamond ring options, seek out the most captivating one to pop the big question. Besides that you can customise the ring based on her liking and style by booking an appointment with our professional consultants, who will guide you through the diamond ring selection.