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Say Yes Again To These 1st Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

  • August 7, 2019
  • Styles & Trends

The first year of marriage is undoubtedly the most blissful and memorable year for a pair of newly-weds.

Traditionally, the first year is signified with paper – an indication of a clean slate and new beginnings, its fragile material needs plenty of love and care that if not, may lead to tearing and breaking apart.

Representing the ability to write their own story – this has led partners gifting their spouses’ anything from signed books, written love notes, to hand-crafted monogrammed stationery.

Despite the gifting of paper being much less common in recent years, the modern spinoff has seen couples gifting under the theme of clocks – signifying the precious time shared between both parties and symbolizing eternal love.

If you find yourself racking your brains all day trying to find the perfect anniversary gift for your lover – we got just the list of unique, 1st year wedding anniversary gift ideas that cover both traditional and modern options – guaranteed to get them saying “yes!” all over again!


Does your spouse have any particular hobbies or interests? Get a pair of tickets to an activity, event, concert or her favourite amusement park! Or arrange for a private photoshoot for the selfie queen and king!

It’s a win-win situation since you get to go too, making for the perfect date-night-cum-wedding-anniversary-gift all at once!



Showcase your love through the resplendent beauty of art – such as a contemporary art painting, or a D.I.Y addition to decorate the brand-new home. Try choosing something that possesses personal meaning to your relationship, including printing out your favourite memories and transforming it into a wall art compilation, or purchasing a masterpiece from their favourite artist.



If your spouse’s love language happens to be “acts of service”, they will definitely appreciate this one!

Create your own love coupons with options to redeem a free massage, get treated to a romantic candlelit dinner, a Get Out of Chores Free card, or a fully paid shopping trip! Show them your support for taking up a new skill by adding a coupon to sponsor their learning journey – now that’s how you earn extra brownie points!



The symbolism of the clock is another reminder to spend time tending to and nourishing your relationship for years to come – and what better way to do so than signing up for a monthly subscription that caters to their personal preferences and goals?

The options are pretty much endless, whether its signing up for a healthy snack subscription box to get them closer to their weight loss goals, or a 1-year wine subscription box for them to relax and unwind during the weekends – this gift idea is definitely built to last.



Just like the purposeful significance of clocks, wedding jewellery is equally timeless – making them the perfect gift for celebrating a beautiful first year of marriage.

The colour of wealth and prosperity, and the hue of the 1st year wedding anniversary, relive the proposal all over again with Love & Co.’s anniversary gifting collections – our LVC Promise collection comes in gorgeous white gold and rose gold, exquisitely made to stand the test of time.

The LVC Charmes Love Story collection is another great way to encapsulate your most precious memories in the form of petite charms, safely stored in a dainty sapphire glass locket. The beauty of this collection is it complements any lady – and acts as a lovely reminder of your very own love story.



Everyone’s fairy-tale is different – so why pick a cookie-cutter gift?

Wedding anniversaries offer wonderful opportunities to get creative – test how well you know your spouse by personalizing a gift for them. Go old-school with the classic self-composed poem or song. If not, there are plenty of alternatives, such as a personalized coffee mug, fountain pen or phone case.

Our LVC Charmes Mini Rings collection is a selection of wedding rings that are presented as memoirs of love in a subtle and go well with any outfit.

Ultimately, the 1st year wedding anniversary is all about setting a solid foundation for spending the rest of your life with your significant other. More than just a date, it should be a celebration of the most important decision that you have made in your life, and the commitment to love your partner in the most unconditional and generous way possible.

So, if the budget allows for it, go all out and spoil them silly!

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