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The karat number of any gold (yellow, white, or rose) indicates the amount of pure gold present. For example, 24K gold is pure gold, while 18K yellow gold contains 75% pure gold and a mix of other metals for the remaining 25%.

For yellow gold, a higher karat count usually implies a more intense yellow colour, as the yellow hue comes from pure gold itself. However, slightly lower karat counts, such as 18K gold, are more commonly used for important pieces of jewellery like engagement rings and wedding bands, as they are harder and more resilient than 24K gold.

Although yellow gold often contains other metals to strengthen the material, it is named as such because the final mixture still results in a yellowish tone.

Across our jewellery collections at Love & Co., we use a variety of 10K, 14K, and 18K gold to strike a balance and offer options of jewellery in varying strengths, colours, and affordability.

Yellow gold is the most ‘traditional’ of all golds, being the original colour of gold. Due to the limited supply of gold, many societies across various times in history treated it as a precious commodity and used it as a currency. Due to its shiny and luxurious appearance, it is also widely used for decorative purposes, including jewellery.

Today, yellow gold jewellery continues to be a symbol of prosperity, which is why individuals across many cultures deem gold as good luck. For its beauty, value, and auspicious nature, it is often used in weddings and royal ceremonies as jewellery gifts and ceremonial adornments.

While people traditionally only had one choice of gold, these days, there are numerous other options for jewellery, such as white gold, rose gold, and non-gold alternatives like platinum rings. Yet, the charm of yellow gold is its classic and natural look, ensuring it will always be well-loved. You should definitely consider yellow gold for your engagement ring, wedding band, or other sentimental jewellery because yellow gold exudes a lovely vibrance and warmth. If you want your diamonds to stand out, yellow gold is a fantastic choice as it creates contrast with the brilliant shine of diamonds. And if you like to stick to tradition, there’s no question about whether you should get something in yellow gold. It is such a meaningful choice, especially when presented in significant milestones such as a wedding.

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