PUBLISHED: December 08, 2023

The holiday season, adorned with joy, festivities, and love, creates an enchanting stage for unforgettable proposals. As Singapore sparkles with vibrant lights and a celebratory atmosphere, it becomes a perfect backdrop for those planning to pop the question this Christmas.

If you plan to take that special step in your relationship, we've put together seven enchanting proposal ideas, each crafted to create unforgettable moments. Plus, before the next GST hike creeps in, choosing an engagement ring from Love & Co.'s exquisite collection today is a thoughtful investment for your future together.

1. The Countdown to Forever: Advent Calendar Proposal

Transform the traditional Advent calendar into a romantic countdown to your proposal. Each day of December, gift your loved one a small token of affection, building up to the grand reveal on Christmas morning – a beautiful engagement ring from Love & Co.'s collection. Planning this surprise involves the thoughtful selection of daily gifts and the perfect ring, culminating in a moment they'll never forget.

2. A Stroll Through Singapore's Sparkling Nights: Christmas Lights Proposal

Imagine proposing amidst the enchanting Christmas lights in Orchard Road, where each moment feels like a scene out of a fairy tale. Enhance this dreamy setting by choosing an engagement ring from our captivating LVC Say Love Collection. This range is celebrated for its designs, each meticulously crafted to symbolise your affection and commitment – think unique modern solitaire rings infused in rose and white gold, perfectly harmonising with the radiant beauty of Singapore's night sky, guaranteeing an enchanting and unforgettable proposal.

3. Cosy and Romantic Movie Night: Christmas Movie Proposal

Create a cosy and intimate setting at home with a Christmas movie night. Select heartwarming rom-coms that embody the season's spirit to set the mood. As you both get lost in the magic on screen, wait for the perfect moment to present a ring from our selection of Classic Solitaire Rings. These timeless diamond rings, known for their elegance and simplicity – just like your proposal idea, will perfectly capture the essence of your love. As the movie unfolds, let this piece be the star of your proposal, making the night not just about memorable cinema but a momentous life event.

4. Glide into Forever: Ice Skating Proposal

Plan a surprise proposal at one of Singapore's ice skating rinks, a whimsical and romantic setting. Imagine gliding together on the ice, enveloped in festive joy, before getting down on one knee to present the LVC Say Love™ Classic Plain Diamond Ring. This simple but unique engagement ring boasts a classy design, including a heart-shaped prong, making it ideal for this magical moment, symbolising the start of your journey towards marriage.

5. A Sweet Surprise: Box of Chocolates Proposal

Create a sweet and memorable proposal with custom chocolates from one of Singapore’s finest artisanal chocolate shops. Nestle your sincere message within these delicious treats and complement the surprise with our signature LVC Love Journey ring. This combination of gourmet chocolates and a ring with four heart prongs delicately cradling a central heart setting will surely leave your partner deeply touched.

6. A Surprise Gift from the Heart: Secret Santa Proposal

Revamp your Secret Santa tradition with an exciting twist—conceal an engagement ring within your gift. This surprise proposal in a group setting adds a thrilling and intimate dimension to your Christmas celebrations. Explore our collection to find the ideal symbol of your shared journey, like our elegant Two Stones Styles. These rings feature two alluring gemstones, representing the unique bond between you and your partner. The profound significance of this ring will create an unforgettable moment, touching not only your partner's heart but also those present, adding depth to your proposal.

7. Unwrap Love on Christmas Day: Christmas Morning Gift Proposal

Choosing Christmas morning to propose is undoubtedly the best time as it adds a touch of magic to the day. Just imagine your partner's surprise and joy when they unwrap a special gift crafted from exquisite 18K white gold, like our LVC Precieux Armor Solitaire Diamond Ring with Heart Shaped Prongs. This delicate engagement ring is a beautiful accessory and an adorable symbol of your love and commitment, with the diamond delicately cradled in a sweet heart-shaped prong setting. As they uncover this meaningful surprise, you'll create a Christmas morning that's truly unforgettable.

Embrace the Magic of the Season with Love & Co. 

This festive season, let these Christmas proposal ideas inspire you to create a moment as unique as your love story and explore our diverse ring collections, each offering the perfect symbol of your unwavering commitment. If you're budget-conscious, look at our thoughtfully curated list of wedding bands that won't strain your finances. You can also check out our guide to traditional and non-traditional engagement rings if you’re torn between them. Remember, the best time to propose is when your heart feels ready, and when you are, Love & Co. will have an engagement ring that speaks volumes of your love.