PUBLISHED: August 17, 2023
A Taylor Swift concert is not just a music event – for fans, it’s a full-on life-changing experience. And if you’re a Swiftie who’s counting down the days till Taylor lands on Singapore’s shores in March 2024, chances are you’ve already begun planning out what you’re going to wear to the concert. Once you’ve decided on what to wear, though, don’t forget to accessorise!


To celebrate Taylor’s highly anticipated Eras Tour in Singapore and help you in your pre-concert preparations, Love & Co. has curated the perfect jewellery accessorising guide for each iconic era. All items listed below come from our exquisite collections, and as a plus, all jewellery listed below is S$300 or less, so you can dress in your absolute best without breaking the bank!


1. Era: Taylor Swift

Remember the innocent days of Taylor Swift’s self-titled debut way back in 2006? She was still leaning heavily into her country roots, with a sweet youthfulness that brought us favourites like “Picture to Burn”, “Teardrops on My Guitar”, and “Our Song”. Channel your puppy-love romantic side with the LVC Charmes Fluttering Ribbon Mini Ring Pendant and LVC Charmes Budding Love Diamond Earrings, or think back to those days of unrequited young love with the LVC 9TwentyFive Teardrop Sky Gemstone Charm Pendant.


2. Era: Fearless

The Fearless (2008/2009) era saw Taylor embracing the pop genre more while still retaining her country- and folk-inspired charm. Channel the same bold and daring with the LVC Charmes Heart and Stars Diamond Earrings, or match the vibe of 2021’s Fearless (Taylor’s Version) with the LVC 9TwentyFive Sphera Citrine Gemstone Charm Pendant tinted in a similar orange sepia as the album cover.


3. Era: Speak Now

Speak Now (2010) was Taylor’s first album to feature distinctly pop, pop rock, and rock-inspired beats, making it a uniquely magical standout in her discography. Its feminine, energetic, and emotional energy stands out even in the 2023 re-release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), making it a great outfit option if you’re a fan of bold and unabashed statement pieces! Elevate your Eras Tour outfit further with the purple tones of our LVC Charmes Mini Ring Precious Stones Pendant in Amethyst, LVC 9TwentyFive Dia Violet Gemstone Charm Pendant, or LVC 9TwentyFive Dia Amethyst Gemstone Charm Pendant


4. Era: Red

Bold, daring, and a little flirtatious, Red (2012) saw Taylor experimenting with a couple of eclectic genres not within her usual wheelhouse. Fondly remembered for its ’twee’ aesthetic heavily influenced by what was cool on Tumblr at the time, a Red-inspired Eras Tour outfit should channel your inner wild child while still having a little fun. Try the LVC Charmes Mini Ring Precious Stones Pendant with Rhodonite embedded with a deep red gem (of course), or channel youthful rebellion with the LVC 9TwentyFive Classic Cosmo Hoop Ear Cuff. If you adore Red (Taylor’s Version) (2021), the LVC 9TwentyFive Silver Ovate Key Charm Pendant is a brilliant yet subtle nod to the iconic lyrics of “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”.


5. Era: 1989

In the 1989 (2014) era, we saw Taylor fully embracing her pop queen status with a side of electronic cool. Channel the retro nods of 1989’s heavy synthesisers with the LVC Mod Tiara Chain Bracelet and LVC Mod Memoire Bead Bracelet, or shake off the heartbreak with the LVC Cheri Heart Key Diamond Earrings. Bold and bright selections from our yellow gold jewellery collection are another great way to bring out the fun side of your 1989-inspired outfit.


6. Era: Reputation

Of all of Taylor’s albums, Reputation (2017) stands out with its edgy, angry, and tumultuous themes and styles. Released after a hiatus following a deluge of negative press and tabloid controversy, Reputation carries with it a distinct darkness accentuated by serpentine motifs. Reflect this with the twisted LVC Charmes Twisted 18K Gold Hoop Earring, cool metallic LVC 9TwentyFive Signum Rectangular Ring, or LVC 9TwentyFive Dia Chartreuse Gemstone Charm Pendant reminiscent of a snake’s glittering scales.


7. Era: Lover

Whimsical, romantic, and distinctly pastel, the cheesy and optimistic cuteness of Lover (2019) is a stark contrast to the darkness of Reputation. Released as a victory cry after a highly-publicised dispute with Taylor’s former record label, Lover has a light and airy aura with influences such as bubblegum pop. Let your inner sweetness shine through with the vibrant shades of the LVC 9TwentyFive Andro Classic Chic Bracelet Braided in Magenta, accompanied by delicate rose gold jewellery like the LVC Joie Decades Diamond Bracelet.


8. Era: folklore

Released in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the indie and alternative-inspired compositions in folklore (2020) are a stark departure from Taylor’s earlier pop-inspired. Embrace folklore’s rustic, bohemian aesthetic with the LVC Mod Vine Chain Bracelet, or channel cottagecore chic with the LVC 9TwentyFive Andro Classic Chic Bracelet Braided in Tortilla Brown and LVC 9TwentyFive Sphera Forest Gemstone Charm Pendant.


9. Era: evermore

Coming out less than six months after folklore (2020), evermore (2020) is seen by Taylor herself as a sister album to the former replete with darker themes. Enhance your earthy side with a touch of mystique thanks to the LVC 9TwentyFive Carre Citrine Gemstone Charm Pendant or LVC 9TwentyFive Dia Citrine Gemstone Charm Pendant, which bear autumnal orange tones that fit perfectly into evermore’s mystical, folksy style.


10. Era: Midnights

As Taylor’s latest album (so far), Midnights (2022) has shot to the top of the virtual charts with hits like “Bejeweled”, “Lavender Haze”, “Karma”, and “Anti-Hero”. Exude Midnights’ glittery charm when you walk in a room in your Eras Tour outfit with white gold jewellery like the LVC Charmes Beaded White Gold Chain or LVC 9TwentyFive Twist Cosmo Hoop Ear Cuff.


Commemorate the Special Moments in Life with Love & Co.

Each era of Taylor Swift’s career has its distinct style, and there’s no better way to celebrate that at the Eras Tour than by accessorising in kind! Whether you’re a fan of her earlier country days or her more recent pop iterations, Love & Co. has the perfect piece to help you put your best foot forward and celebrate how far Taylor has come!


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