PUBLISHED: June 17, 2024

The practice of gifting Si Dian Jin, literally translated as "Four Touches of Gold" is a cherished Chinese wedding tradition passed down through generations. Originating in the Guangdong province of China, this tradition has become integral to Chinese marriage customs, symbolising the union and blessings bestowed upon the couple.

Traditionally, this involves giving a bridal jewellery set consisting of four gold jewellery pieces: a bangle, necklace, ring, and pair of earrings. These four pieces are believed to represent the four pillars of marriage: love, respect, luck and prosperity. While deeply rooted in Chinese culture, modern couples are finding ways to honour this tradition while embracing contemporary designs.

The Cultural Significance of Si Dian Jin

Si Dian Jin is much more than just a set of bridal jewellery; it embodies profound cultural meanings and values. Traditionally given by the bride’s soon-to-be mother-in-law, this gift signifies acceptance and blessings for the marriage, representing a promise of care from the new family. 

Typically featuring auspicious motifs like dragons, phoenixes, and lotus flowers, each piece is said to carry well-wishes, making it a unique and cherished wedding present. This symbolism is why many parents and grandparents still purchase Si Dian Jin for their daughters and granddaughters in the modern day, bestowing bountiful blessings upon them.

Besides its role as a wedding gift, Si Dian Jin also holds immense value as a family heirloom. It is often one of the first meaningful presents a bride receives from her in-laws, designed to last and be passed down through generations. 

While many brides appreciate the tradition, the aesthetic preferences for modern Si Dian Jin jewellery have changed. From necklaces to earrings and bangles, today’s ladies prefer wedding jewellery pieces that are contemporary and versatile, suitable for everyday wear. 

Commemorate Si Dian Jin with Love & Co’s 9IN Collection

Looking for bridal jewellery gift that is grand, timeless, elegant, and versatile? You can’t go wrong with 999 gold. In the tradition of Si Dian Jin, gold symbolises wealth, prosperity and the wishes of an affluent marriage. 

Blossoming Beauty: Floral Designs

In Chinese culture, flowers are revered as symbols of beauty and renewal. Floral motifs are often used in Si Dian Jin to represent growth, harmonious relationships, and flourishing love. Flowers like peonies symbolise wealth and honour, while lotuses signify purity and enlightenment. Love & Co.’s 9IN Collection beautifully incorporates these traditional floral motifs, creating bridal jewellery that is both meaningful and modern. 

Fit for royalty, our LVC 9IN Aurum Folium 999 Gold Ring features four intricately designed petals, elegantly arranged into a cruciform flower. This marriage bridal gold ring adds an opulent touch of luck and fortune. Complement it with the LVC 9IN Aurum Folium 999 Gold Necklace and LVC 9IN Aurum Folium 999 Gold Earrings for a complete modern Si Dian Jin set.

The LVC 9IN Periwinkle 999 Gold Necklace showcases a stunning five-petal periwinkle flower, draped with an intricate bow design. This elegant wedding necklace symbolises everlasting love, making it an ideal bridal jewellery gift. Complete the set with the LVC 9IN Periwinkle 999 Gold Earrings and the LVC 9IN Periwinkle 999 Gold Ring.

Intertwining Bonds: Twists, Knots and Loops

The motifs of twists, knots, and eternity loops are deeply symbolic in Si Dian Jin, representing the intertwined destinies of the couple and the unbreakable bond of marriage. These designs signify the strength, unity, and everlasting nature of love, making them perfect for bridal jewellery that honours traditional values while embracing the minimalist look of modern designs.

The LVC 9IN Elysian 999 Gold Necklace is a perfect choice for Si Dian Jin, symbolising the harmonious union of two lives through its symphony of three linked chains. This elegant piece exudes timeless elegance, reflecting the enduring strength and commitment of marriage. It adds a touch of refinement to wedding ensembles, making it a meaningful addition to any Si Dian Jin set.

For bridal earrings, LVC 9IN Carissa Knot 999 Gold Earrings feature a celestial knot motif that beautifully represents the strength and resilience of a marital bond. The intricate knots symbolise the eternal connection between two souls, making them an ideal choice for a modern Si Dian Jin gift. 

Discover the Extra Perks of the Love & Co 9IN Collection

Lightweight Comfort for Daily Wear

What’s the point of beautiful bridal jewellery if you can’t flaunt it? One of the standout features of Love & Co.'s 9IN Collection is its lightweight design. Built to be light, these pieces are perfect for everyday wear. Brides can enjoy the elegance of their modern Si Dian Jin jewellery without feeling weighed down, allowing them to cherish both the beauty and the deep significance of each piece throughout the day. 

Pocket-friendly Luxury

Love & Co. believes that luxury should be attainable The 9IN Collection offers pocket-friendly options without compromising on the exquisite qualities and craftsmanship of 999 gold. This makes it easier for couples to celebrate their union with modern Si Dian Jin pieces that are both beautiful and affordable

Built to Last 

Durability is a key feature of the 9IN Collection, thanks to Love & Co.'s advanced 5G 999 gold technology. Each piece is designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your Si Dian Jin jewellery is as resilient as your love. You can be sure your bridal jewellery will continue to shine and bring joy for years to come, becoming a treasured heirloom that can be passed down through generations. 

A Modern Twist on a Cherished Tradition

Celebrate the timeless tradition of Si Dian Jin with Love & Co.'s 9IN Collection. Discover exquisite 999 gold designs that blend traditional chinese motifs with contemporary designs for beautiful and meaningful bridal jewellery pieces that honour your love and commitment today.