PUBLISHED: January 20, 2020

The perfect proposal ring or wedding band should not just be a stunner, but also be a perfect fit for both parties of the couple. We’re not just talking about the ring size and fit, but also the personality and lifestyle of the both of you.

With the vast array of designs in the market and the availability of bespoke and customisation options, selecting the most amazing-looking ring is not too difficult today. But you shouldn’t forget to consider how it features in your daily lives – after all, you’re probably going to wear the ring for the rest of your life!

By considering these factors, you and your significant other can have more confidence that you will have rings that will last, and blend in seamlessly into both your individual lifestyles.


Consider your day-to-day fashion style when choosing your ring. Are you more of a simple minimalist, or are you an adventurous dresser who likes to turn heads with your outfits of the day?

An understated solitaire diamond ring with a simple, one-tone band is perfect for those who prefer to keep it lowkey. Simple doesn’t mean boring, however - You can still make it unique with some subtle details like engravings of your initials, or by selecting a unique finishing. At the LVC Diamond Concierge, you can bring your preferred ring design to fruition, and make it truly yours.

If you’re someone who believes a ring is for flaunting your love, go for the glamourous ring choices like path diamonds, two-toned bands, and a larger stone. A ring from the LVC Promise collection will be the perfect accessory for honouring your love. Featuring a bold and elegant style, every LVC Promise ring is a meaningful reflection of the resolute unity of your relationship, with a testament to the five pillars of everlasting love – love, devotion, commitment, bond, and happiness.


As nature would have it, some people are sensitive to certain metals. If you or your spouse-to-be are allergic to any metals, the sensible choice will be to avoid having the trigger material in your rings.

Popular ring materials – platinum, gold, and silver – are hypoallergenic, although small amounts of other metals are usually added to harden and add colour to the material. In more affordable wedding rings, the proportion of these other metals is enough to trigger reactions in allergy sufferers. At Love & Co., our rings are 18K gold, making it less likely that they will cause a reaction.

For people with metal sensitivity, a perfect ring may be slightly harder to come by, but it is definitely not impossible! You can talk to the trusted jewellers at Love & Co. to enquire about the type of metals used in each ring. They’ll be more than happy to help you find one that you will be comfortable to wear daily!


Believe or not, even the most durable rings will be prone to wear and tear after years of use. If you are an active go-getter, or engage in sports frequently, you will need a ring that can withstand the knocks and bumps.

At the LVC Diamond Concierge, you can fully customise your wedding or proposal ring to make it as durable as possible. We recommend going for 6 prongs rather than 4 for the ring head for a more securely fastened gemstone – or if possible, a bezel ring setting that wraps around the stone.

Take note of the profile of the centre stone as well – a lower profile means there’s a less likelihood of your ring getting caught on things. And of course, as far as your budget allows, do opt for more quality on your diamond and ring material to ensure they don’t scratch or chip easily.

With all the considerations that go into picking out the perfect ring, it is truly a test of your knowledge of your significant other to choose the ideal ring with which to pop the question. That is why many couples today find it useful to go ring shopping together – even for proposal rings. No shame there at all – we say, do what works for you!

Start your new phase of life right with a beautiful ring that proclaims your love. When you take the time and effort to select the ideal ring for you and your partner, you can be assured that you won’t regret your ring choice in the years to come!