PUBLISHED: April 03, 2020

One of the most common questions we receive about lab-grown diamonds is this: Can you tell the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural mined diamonds? Well, before we answer that, we’d like to throw the question back to you: Do you think you can tell them apart?

Chances are, you won’t be able to, because you’re not trained to evaluate diamonds with your naked eye. But believe us when we say this: Expert gemologists, too, are not able to tell a lab-grown diamond apart from a mined diamond with the naked eye, either.

That’s how similar lab-grown diamonds are to mined diamonds. Or, should we say, there should not be any differences across the board (except for individual idiosyncrasies) at all!



When you buy a lab-grown diamond engagement ring, you can expect that the chemical elements, physical structure, and optical properties of the lab-grown diamond are in every way identical to that of natural diamonds. Unlike diamond simulants that may be made of zirconium, silicon, or other chemical elements, lab-grown diamonds are made entirely out of carbon. So, don’t get them mixed up with diamond simulants, which are easily distinguished from a real diamond because they often look too clear, and are more easily scratched.

Due to the production process of lab-grown diamonds, there might still be minor inclusions and imperfections that make every gem slightly different. Yet, the best lab-grown diamonds are dazzling enough to be able to stand alongside the top 2% of natural mined diamonds. In terms of their refractive index, dispersion, hardness, and density, a lab-grown diamond effortlessly matches up to the features of a mined diamond.



A lab-grown diamond is essentially the same as a mined diamond – but that doesn’t mean there’s no difference between which one you choose to buy.

One significant difference you get to enjoy when you choose lab-grown diamond jewellery is the affordability! Just imagine that – with the same budget you set, you can get to propose with a lab-grown diamond that’s twice the carat count than if you purchase a natural mined diamond. For bling lovers or price-conscious couples, the much friendlier price tag of lab-grown diamonds is a dream come true.

Save up for your honeymoon when you purchase your proposal ring from the LVC Precieux range – our one-carat lab-grown diamond rings start from just $2,999. If you make your one carat diamond ring purchase now, you also stand to walk away with an exclusive sparkling proposal box for you to pop the question in style. That’s double the dazzle for you to profess your love to your beloved!


Going back to the original question of whether you can tell the lab-grown diamond from the natural mined diamond, even if you did get the correct answer, we’d say kudos to you for being a lucky guesser!

But we think what matters more is your choice when it comes to selecting your engagement or wedding rings. Will you go for natural diamonds, or give the lab-grown gems a chance? As you’ve seen, lab-grown diamonds are not a compromise in terms of beauty or quality – and, they save you quite a bit!

Be a witness to the stunning properties of lab-grown diamonds when you experience the LVC Precieux range with your own eyes.