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Diamond Knowledge


A diamond certificate is a formal report issued by an accredited independent gemological laboratory, which lists gemological information about the diamond’s characteristics such as carat weight, measurements, cut, colour, and clarity. 

Diamond certificates provide all consumers with a degree of confidence that the diamond is genuine and has been accurately presented by a jeweler. Some laboratories also issue light performance certificates, grading diamonds on light reflection parameters (e.g. Sarine Light™).

How are Diamonds Certified?

Diamonds are sent to an independent gemological laboratory. Details such as company names, initials, logos or other information that may lead personnel to be biased in the certification process are omitted.

Best Diamond Certification Singapore
Certification Houses

There are many reputable certification houses in the world, for instance, Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI) and De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds (IOD).

De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds (IOD)

A world leading corporation, De Beers Group is probably the most long standing company active within the diamond industry – from exploration, mining, trading, and retail. In 2017, they pioneered their own certification house – known as the De Beers Institute of Diamonds. Love & Co is the first Asia Pacific partner to collaborate with De Beers for certified diamonds.

Review a Sample Certificate Report (IOD)

Familiarise yourself with the look and orientation of a Diamond Grading Report by IOD to know which diamond is the best choice for you. Do note of the different areas of the report, which would tell you:

  • 4Cs of a Diamond
  • Accurate measurements of the diamond solitaire
  • Graphical display of the diamond inclusions
  • Actual hearts and arrows image of the diamond (only Love & Co.’s Lovemarque has this)

Frequently Asked Questions

As a treasured purchase, the diamond certificate offers you a thorough report of the diamond you own. As such, these are sometimes known as diamond reports and provide you with an in-depth analysis of the quality of the diamond. Besides the standard 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity, carat) of a diamond, the report also includes other information such as accurate dimensions of the stone – all to prove its authenticity.

A certified diamond brings three main advantages. Firstly, a diamond certificate reassures you that the diamond is as real as it gets, not a diamond alternative! Only specialised equipment from an independent gem lab can perform an in-depth analysis of the diamond quality.

Secondly, because the stone has been graded by an unbiased body, customers can use it to validify how the jeweller has presented the diamond. Lastly, especially if you’re new to diamond hunting, the certificate offers a levelled ground between you and the jeweller as you search for your one true diamond ring!    

As a real diamond, a lab grown diamond is certified with the same criteria as mined diamonds. After being grown in the lab by replicating the process which mined diamonds undergo in the earth’s core, lab grown diamonds are reviewed by independent gemological bodies, who produce a report of the diamond’s cut, clarity, carat and colour (4Cs). Generally, IGI is one of the best certifications for lab grown diamonds in Singapore because of their specific gradings for the stone’s clarity and cut.

While you will be able to see the sparkle and shine of a diamond, being able to determine its true quality is impossible with the naked eye! Consult your jeweller on the diamond certification (IOD, IGI, GIA, etc.) as well as the report on the 4Cs of the diamond (colour, clarity, carat, cut).

Engagement Rings

Explore Love & Co.’s curated range of diamond rings – brighter and more beautiful than others.

Engagement Rings

Explore Love & Co.’s curated range of diamond rings – brighter and more beautiful than others.

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